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    Default im never going back

    So i havent been on the forums recently, because ive been working on my inner game.

    I've been going working on keeping a sturdy agenda and while I haven't met any HOT girls, the cute ones around me have been definitely been giving me IOIs.

    So while i announced the whole "m@c competition" one day at lunch.... I have been getting attention and instead of acting like I messed up / tried too hard / etc... I didnt get phased by it.

    So I stopped using openers and am now trying to just hit on situations and while its hard at times to hit on the HBs all other women are to canned material that more ppl are using.... IM NEVER GOING BACK to you lol!

    So while I dont have the security, this is just a little feedback, that im still here but constantly trying to work harder on getting the HBs.

    Quick question though, i just wanna know if this is right or wrong....

    when you see a HB8 - HB9 and they're walking in the hall should you try to attract / and waste the 4 minutes (im on a tight schedule) or should i wait for the up coming party in May?

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    Default Re: im never going back

    Whats wrong with solid eye contact and a smile. Do that for a few days and she is gonna want to talk to you before you know it. Build your attraction with your nonverbals and then when you do talk to her knock it out of the park.

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