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    Default How to approach American girls in the club?

    Here, I actually want to discuss 2 topics: approaching in the club and American girls.

    So guys, how do you approach girls in the club?
    1. What do you say?
    2. And how do you know which girls to approach?
    3. And I`m usually by myself in the club, which is bad I know, but I`m not from this town (college town) that I live in now so I made few friends so far, which are not party type guys; so usually I have to go alone to the club. And the problem is usually girls come with their friends and whenever I want to approach them I don`t know how to handle their freakin friends. So what would you do if you were me?
    4. I read quite a lot of stuff on this topic, and most people talk about eye-contact, communication, body language,
    but no one is taking into consideration that it is noisy in club and it is hard to see if girl is looking at you or how she is looking at you, what I mean is it is difficult to normally interact with a girl.
    Actually, last night I was kind of grinding with some girl in club, I couldn`t see her front, but she was kind of dancing close to me, I mean she didn`t move to the other place, which I would expect if she didn`t like me, but suddenly I felt that someone pushed me from behind, I turned around and saw another girl (which I think was her friend), she said something (I suppose, in an angry way), I couldn`t hear, and another friend of hers pushed me and said something, which again I couldn`t hear; and finally, that girl I was dancing with left me dancing with her friend. I really can`t understand such things. I expect girl, which doesn`t like me, to leave me immediatelly without playing, but here I see how girls blow me off as they think (I assume) "in a polite way". I think it is okay if she says that she has a boyfriend or she doesn`t want to dance or she is leaving the club, but I totally can`t understand when girls act like this, they dance in front of you but when you want to kind of hug her, she acts like you want to rape her, I don`t know.
    I can`t understand which things from what she is doing are signals to approach her and which are not.
    5. So far I have seen that American girls in the club hang out with American guys (I don`t know if they know each other in advance). And to be honest what freaks me out is that sometimes these guys smell bad, dress poorly, some of them are fat, I mean they definitely do not look like the most handsome guys in the club; while I take shower before going to the club, I put my best and cleanest clothes and spray one of the best-smelling perfumes on me, so I`m clean, I smell good (even one of the girls I approached told me she likes my smell and she was nice to me but then she said that she has to leave), I dressed very well, I`m not fat, I`m not skinny, I`m working out, well but I have to admit that I`m not fitted-and guess what? I don`t get any fuckin attention! while those dirty ass guys do. So I start to feel that the problem is I`m not American, I`m white though but with black hairs and my face skin is not as smooth and yellow as American`s, I mean I don`t look like an American, which I think is the problem. Or maybe I`m ugly, I`m really so much frustrated.
    I would try to approach foreigners if they were in the club, but unfortunately I never see them in the club.

    So the conclusion I come to is that it is better not to approach the girls in the club at all, it is better wait until they approach you, this way I won`t get psychological trauma/embarassment; or maybe I should wait until I get some very very explicit signal from her, like standing close to me and looking at me and smiling, am I right?

    You guys have more experience, and I`m newbie, especially I`m new in the USA, please help me.

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    Default Re: How to approach American girls in the club?

    you made a tread in which you asked about whole PUA science.
    For you my buddy will sugest 2 things, find a coach or wingman, but you look like dont know too much so i am not so sure, you cam make some trouble to wings from the questions you asked
    Dude you dont need to look like others to aproach womens, i am white with black hair so what?? How much ppl live in USA ha?
    Dont let girls use you like toys.
    Feel free to send me private message, will give some material

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