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    blake wolf Guest

    Default need help online

    so i read on a post in here there is a book called conquer your campus and i really want to buy it its 37$ but theres only 1 website that has it but how can i trust it. heres the website. would anyone else trust this?

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    Vapor51 Guest

    Default Re: need help online

    Honestly, most of these websites are quite trustful, although it's impossible to tell which one because you didn't add a link. However, if you pay the bill through PayPal or something like that, it usually works like a charm. Anyways, I think you should really think about if you want to invest that much money into a product before you even buy it. It doesn't make sense if you're just buying it because it's the latest thing to hit the market. If you're actually going to take the steps to go out and practice what you read, then by all accounts go for it. But if you think it's a magic bullet that has the cure all answer to your problems, you're horribly mistaken. Think before you act.


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