I have great success with astrology. I have studied it for a long time so I am not pretending when I get a girls sign and start giving her a reading; asking questions, getting deeper and deeper into things she would not usually volunteer.... At moments I will give her conformation of my questioning and when she says something congruent with the line I am going down I tell her why she said it and why I knew she would.

They love it. Someone told me once that girls love being told about themselves. Whenever I give astrology readings the question I am often asked is what does it mean so instead of being sick of the cliched question, I come up with a good workable answer.

I love astrology almost as much as I love ladies. Maybe it shows when I get reading the ladies that I am honestly engaged in the divination process and they feel my magick. Once I start connecting with a chick on astrology that connection is never broken. It is about intuition and insight. We all have to have our own routines and inner game that better drawing a woman into our charisma. Read Anterro Alli's Angel Tech chapter 5. I think Mystery, Juggler, David D'Angelo and others have all commented on charisma and having that drawing in power.

Mystery's peacocking was a very crude version and I find a fair bit of it a bit too much. The idea is good. Rock stars and some actors have it... catclysmic eyes or such thing, animal magnetism??

Some sort of connection to intuition will get the chicks in. Maybe they like the idea that not all blokes are boring. A bit of magick in one's life can be very romantic

I am thinking over this whole thing of when I do get talking about a woman and her sign cos she realises very quickly that I am not trying to con her, that I actually know something about it and if they have a little interest in it they are hooked. If they consider themselves fairly knowledgable all the better cos they will test me out and they realise that I am not trying to con them, that I am actually a master of something else. Its being able to draw on intuitive powers through the study I have done that gives them goosebumps....

Palms would be good as I would be holding their hand for much of it...