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    Default Date profile in date websites

    Can you tell good tips for date profile which attracts the most of women?

    For example if I play an instrument and listen a specific kind of music. How should I tell about it? How should I tell that I have a good sense of humour and such of like things?

    Ofcourse its boring and it doesn't work if I tell straight: "I got good sense of humour."

    How you would tell about yourselves? Can somebody do example date profile which demonstrates higher values? Kthx.

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: Date profile in date websites

    I've never done what you are talking about but ill try to answer anyway, your choice to decide to listen or not.

    I'm guessing that there is a section to write about yourself in, and thats where i think the most important things you can say are going to be said, and also where you can build attraction the easiest.

    When writing about yourself make sure that you keep the reader involved. Maintain a strong sense of humor with a lot of good jokes thrown in. A good idea would be to write a dhv in this section! But the woman wont ever get to any of this if she isn't interested after the first line of whatever you say, so make sure you that have a sentence at the start that will make her want to read more. The trick to writing this first line is to decide first on what type of woman you are trying to attract. For example jokes on religion are a bad idea if you don't mind religious women. Once you know what type of woman you want to attract writing that first line will be easier.

    Make sure you don't stress yourself too much when writing. In the world of online dating (unless you are looking for hookups, in which case ignore what I'm about to say) it's good to be yourself, since you plan on (hopefully) having relationships with the women you are trying to attract. So make sure that you write something that is truly about yourself, there is nothing worse than meeting a disappointed woman for a first date.

    Heres an example of something you might put in this section. I will put labels on what I'm writing in different colors, hopefully it wont be too hard on the eyes.

    Recently I learned the greatest lesson in life, which is stay away from meat that isn't fully cooked this sentence is the attention getter, I've already started by showing my sense of humor and this will lead into our DHV. I learned this when me and a few friends decided to go down to a new restaurant in LoDo. I ordered a flank steak because that is usually my test for good steak while my friends decided to go with salads (they are vegetarians) adding "they are vegetarians" may help show women that you are open to people different then you, then again I might be focusing to much on detail. I play the drums so we started talking about starting a band DHV. We are really into rock so we decided to play that kind of music, during this conversation our food came and one of my friends (who is SUPER picky) decided that the salad wasn't good enough for him and that he needed to have his dressing on the side or he couldn't eat it! connection with whoever is reading, the more the woman reading agrees with you, or can relate to you, the more she will be interested in you. When his "perfect" salad came and we started eating I knew something was a bit iffy. The meat just didn't taste quite right! You would think I would stop eating then, but no, stupid me decided to finish it anyway, but hey! I was hungry! another connection, everyone has had this experience before (eating something you might not like because you are hungry). Of course when I got home I knew something was really wrong! Walking up to the 5th floor of my apartment DHV my stomach started to turn, and by the time I made it in I had to rush to the bathroom to avoid puking all over the floor, ugh! Anyway, if anyone wants to hang out with the man who knows the secret to the universe (reread the first line damnit) call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx and we meet somewhere where they don't have tainted steak.

    There are a few things I did that are going to attract women (I HOPE) in that story.
    1. Humor in the first line and in the topic change at the end.
    2. Showing demonstrations of higher value in the fact that you play music and have an apartment.
    3. Connecting with her through shared experiences.

    Remember that I have NO experience in the online dating world and you shouldn't take any of this as the final word, make sure you get someone else's input to before you go and do any of this!

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