Alright so well established pua here, I've had good luck with woman but lately one has kind of caught my eye, but its tricky. Heres the situation:

Her ex bf died about a year ago and she is still pretty turnt up about it. He seems to have acheived somewhat of a "saint" status in her mind, even though he was a druggy and died using heroin..

I pulled her on facebook after she provided a window, and we met up and spent the night together drinking beer, listening to incubus and having awesome sex.

I spend a bit too much time with her tbh, and i end up catching the feels. We wpend about four days together (too much i know) and honestly i think she just got sick of me.

2 days pass with little communication and valentines day is right around the corner. I accidentally wound up with her laptop charger and she texts me in a really bitchy, friendish way. So i try to make a plan out of it and invite her to a party with me and she says yeah. HOWEVER, when i get there she says she is "actually going to a party with her friends".

This is where i feel i kinda messed up, I know the strategy is to keep it cool to keep in order to keep value high, but i was kinda butt hurt when she did that (45 minute drive). We do kiss for a minute (a tense, we both know this could be it kind of kiss). It fucks with my head, she notices, and I leave kind of abrudbly, obviously kind of hurt by what she did, but didnt get angry or anything stupid like that.

The next day she snapchats her and her ex cuddling like they just had sex and i viewed it This is her more recent ex of who she told me what an asshole he was, cheating on her and things. Kinda shook me up, this was 2 days ago and I havent tried to contact her since.

Advice? She kinda hurt me by doing that, i don't really care she slepped with someone to be honest. I have been seeing other girls too

. Is this girl too messed up in the head, or should i try to message her?
Thanks in advance for any advice.