Here is an interesting job for you guys. Didn't know what area to post this under so I thought approaching was most appropriate.

My girlfriend will be alone at a specific time and place in Thornhill (just north of toronto, Dufferin and Steeles area) this saturday (we can do another date too). You will go up to her, run some game on her and see if you can get her number. If you get her number, you get 200 bucks. You also must wear a recording device that i will provide so I can verify the details. If she is flirty with you and you can keep a conversation going you get 150 bucks. If you don't do either of those you get nothing. Up for the challenge?

What she likes:
-Older men usually (28 and up), but not always, so if you are young, confident and determined, you should still give this a shot!
-Established men (you could wear a suit, talk about some made up sweet job you have)
-Likes film (You could be a producer for an indie film company and name some movies she likes that you have been apart of?)
-Confidence obviously

-What I need from you:
A picture or two, maybe a facebook page
Your phone number to talk in person