So I've got my method been doing this for 5 years got it down to a science even a mathematic equation perhaps. No time to explain the whole seasonal dating philosophy but here it is in a nutshell.

Spring Time- Warm Up/Training Pre-Season
Summer Time- Game Day/Big Game Reg Season
Fall Time-Relationship Stage (from Summer hookups no doubt)
Winter Time-Hibernation Breakups

That's my mentality. I talk about this philosophy so much I talk about it at work and when females overhear they say I am a class A douchebag because I am out breaking hearts and I just need to settle down settle down. Blah blah blah

Anyway this method gets me b!tches like mad. Well anyway for each season this year I am teaching a lesson post-season and pre-game focusing on the application and field testing.

So you see it in motion. This St Pats my lesson is peacocking and I got this crazy outfit. So my main purpose this weekend is owning my killer look and seeing how women respond to that. I got hit on 5 times last St Pats half-assing it. Now I want to double that!!

Going for getting hit on 10 times. This is the essence of peacocking not having to approach but being approached. I'm going to redefine it. Anyway it's this weekend, going peacocking stay tuned.

Basically if Mystery Method is the creator walking on water I am like the disciple of water or whatever.

So that's why I have these things that are mine but also redefined from the old.

Anyway I am naming these lessons/training as follows


So every year I am ready to roll out on a new rotation of fresh females.