This is damn weird.... I have had this happen about the last 3 girls I was hot to talk to, so I know it must be an internal thing on my part...

I find we are both locked in some kind of word duel with each other, it is barbed and dangerous every time we engage in dialog. I am not being rude to her, she is not being rude to me, but we are almost ready to fight for some reason. To make it worse, They are approaching me, not the other way around.

I had one girl sit down next to me and start this behavior, and come back about 2 more times in the same night. She was dropping shit loads of hints at me and I kept blowing her off in favor of the conversation I was having with a 70-ish year old man.

Another girl I was interested in, a super sexy woman who I happen to know likes younger men, she and I are the same age. We texted back and forth a bit, she was available, very much had lots in common with me, and she was interested. This time, I asked her if we could meet for coffee and I got no reply. Later that night, I am riding my motorcycle to a place she and I frequent, and on the way there, I almost get hit by a car, and they honk at me to pull over, I flip them the bird and blow this person off and they ride my tail all the rest of the way to where I was going, prolly about 3-4 blocks. When I get where I was going, I sit with some friends, and notice the car that almost hit me parks in the lot for about 45 mins, and I think everything is fine.
I am talking with a friend (about this hot girl I really like - that we both know.) Our conversation turns to other topics for about 10 minutes. She gets out of the drivers side of the same car that was sitting there for 45 mins, that almost hit me. (A really nice street race car, btw) She walks up and sits on the table we are talking at, Hi and hello, hug, then I lock up when she sits. awkward silence at table for what seems 3 mins. She gets up from table, looks right at me, she is pissed, I am terrified. She states, "Well, I think I am gonna have to call my Mentor/Therapist." And walks back to her car. I suspect she was sniffling, perhaps crying. I stay about 15 more minutes, and when I go to leave, there is a big crowd of ppl, she stands within earshot of me the whole time, when I move away from her, she floats thru the crowd and I can catch her eye the whole time. eventually, she leaves.

This type of encounter happens often with us, it is so fucking weird. When She is present, I lock up with Approach Anxiety, look for a window, never get it. I feel like I am banging on a one way mirror, and they cannot hear me.

Bank girl.... she is a beautiful attractive woman, she is hot/cold every other time I see her. I cannot do anything to bring it closed due to social interference and rules of conduct. She gets mad at me and then she gets super friendly with me, then mad, then super friendly....

I get tons of ioi's, I seem to be in friend zone, but they must not want me there and cannot get me out, nor can I break out on my own. I get their numbers, I ask them out, I express my IoI's, everythings looks good. I just cannot seem to break the glass.

This is some weird shit.