Hey guys!

It does not matter if it is online game, day game or night game, I usually just fail to show the girl in the limited time (attractio window?) my attractive personality traits. Normally they really like to talk to me, but online they never "have time" and in face-to-face game the conversations just stay friendly and/or stall. Funny thing is they still message me on my birthday etc. So they either are fishing for my attention/validation and/or like talking to me.

Just for reference, my standard opener (online) (which I use if there is nothing much to relate to on her profile):
I thought you look cute and fun, so I wanted to see if it's true
What do you like to do in your free time?

Face-to-face I usually start off with a bit of small talk, whatever comes to my mind. But never the weather etc.

Feel free to ask anything so I can help you help me.

Thanks in advance