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your aim is to get up to putting false time constraints on em or leaving the scene at a high point so they can smile.

break up the pattern... don't say hi sometimes. make a parody of yourself. take the piss outa yourself and in a self respecting way. like yourself and make yourself laugh.

don't expect any response from them mate... let em do their thing and you do yours. watch you doing your thing and find some things about your self you like that make you smile in a nice warm way. write down some good memories.

go to a tarot reader or astrologer and get a reading and start talking about stuff to do with your character and choices

add a bit of mystique to yourself. find an image. my image isn't really apparant in my dress sense though i am known locally as a writer and sometimes musician though not everyone knows i can play the blues. i refused to fit a genre or style and i even go to goth clubs more like a surfer. i have built up a bit of rep that i am a dude that fits a few scenes without conforming to the fashions. my tattoos are on my heart so to speak, who i am is deeper than my image

self knowledge is great and as you get to know things about yourself you can tell girls about themselves. they love talking about themselves

Great great response ...

Knowing and being yourself is always a positive vibe