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    manojjonam10 Guest

    Cool Eye Contact Advice

    We never have to be the first to break eye contact when we approach.

    If we do this it sends the message that you are not feeling good about approaching. When you use strong eye contact,there will be more attraction.

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    MHJ Guest


    One thing we need to be aware of is not to overdo it with ye contact. It would not be good to come off as weird or creepy due to excess eye contact

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    KrisNY Guest


    Staring at someone you don't know- to catch their eye would just be plain creepy. Give them a subtle look and smile. If some man started to just stare at me- I would be freaked out and think they were stalking me - or I might be inclined to say- Take a picture, it will last longer.

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    Exprt PUA Guest


    What really works the best is to give someone a smile, or a knowing like. Kind of like what you would give a friend if you saw them across the room. That will generate curiosity and interest. If you do it playfully, without staring or being creepy - it should work. Always smile, but not in a clownish way.. smile like you are just a really friendly guy.



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