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    Lukas Danger Guest

    Default field report & day 2/general advice needed

    Before we begin, I'd like to say that I am an AFC, but I'm trying to work my way into the community. And I apologize if any of my questions are really elementary.

    anyways, last night I went to the local gay bar/club, Tangerine, with a couple of my friends. I approached (poorly) a few sets, but had no success because as I said, I'm still an AFC. That, and everyone was gay. I got really hot inside and walked out to the deck to cool off a little bit. There was a three set in the corner, I considered approaching, but three seconds passed and I started over thinking things so I bailed. BUT! when I went to go back inside one of the girls in the set called me over. The set consisted of a fat chick, HB3 and HB7. HB3 and HB7 were sisters, fat chick and HB3 were lesbians. This was my best set yet because they opened for me (ioi maybe?) and HB7 asked my name right away (IOI #2?) We chatted for a few minutes and then I told HB7 that it was time to go dance, so we went in and danced for a little while. Then she just randomly bailed! I was confused and frustrated at this point (where did I go wrong??) About thirty minutes later I stepped outside for some air again, and HB7 was outside smoking with her lesbian sister (HB3.) I walked over and started chatting up HB3, and she mentioned that she wanted to dance. So I turned to HB7 and told her that I was gonna steal her sister for a little bit and that if she wanted me she should come find me on the dance floor. Sure enough, about 2 minutes later HB7 came charging inside and grabbed me. She told me she was a stripper at a local club and that she was gonna give me a show. Which she did. She basically did a strip routine (unfortunately she never took her clothes off) on me. After we danced for a little bit she turned to me and said "you are so fucking hot" and I looked her dead in the eyes and said "I know" with a playful grin. Then she jumped on me and starting making out with me. A few minutes later the club was closing, I was just about to ask for her # but she beat me to the punch. I told her that she'd better put it to good use or she'd be missing out, then we left. She texted me about an hour later, we had a brief conversation through text and then I went to sleep.

    Now I have her #, and I know where she works, but I have ZERO idea how to follow up. This is probably the worst part of my game. I can get a few numbers now and then, but I never do anything with them. I'm afraid because I really am lost after first impressions (I think its from working in restaurants where I have about an hour to build rapport with people then I never see them again.) I couldn't make or hold a conversation if my life depended on it. So how do I follow up with a 7 who probably thinks that she's a ten, if I can't have a conversation with her at all?

    Any advice or pointers ya'll have would be wonderful! Thanks

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    Default Re: field report & day 2/general advice needed

    well im first ur game blew dick hard core and then ur natural alpha male, teasing side came out and bam she jumped on it. well first off be playful and since she said she was a dancing mention something and tease playfully about it. be like " hey the other night was amazing, if you want to grab a drink after im done dancing just come find me at ___, my stripper name is hercules" something along those lines. Probably not as in depth. keep it short and just let her think more into it. but yeah once you get her on a date you want to get to know her a little bit, use Kino Escalation, build rapport and sexual tension and then just do what you do. there are several posts that i have put that describe a good first date and how to do things. try something like the cube game. women eat that shit up. search it on youtube.

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