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    Billhanks22 Guest

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    I live in America.
    hey guys I have schizophrenia, can't drive. I am good at flirting with girls, but haven't asked any out b/c I can't drive. I also don't tell girls i have schizophrenia.

    Anyways, how am i supposed to go on a date when i can't drive?

    Is it possible to get a hot g/f and not be able to drive?

    Not being able to drive puts me at a disadvantage. Can I get some advice on how to handle this?

    im 20 years old by the way
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    ok well taxis are always a choice. I mean you can always have friends drive but dont let them find out. but you can also use it to ur advantage and tease yourself or make a joke. You could always say, i know i might have schizophrenia but you are absolutely stunning. My name is ___ whats urs. Then they will think your kidding and ask if you really have it and when u reassure them that u do, bam sympathy card and you can play off that. As long as that diminshes, u can get them but if they always feel sympathetic it wont help. Just use it to get in the door. But yeah some girls wont mind, but i would definitely stick to like taxis or friends. Taxis she can know about but ur friends she cannot

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    Billhanks22 Guest

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    more advice would be appreciated from anyone else

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