Hey! Need help identifying something I may need to work on:

I attended the Miss America pageant last night with a couple of friends (one guy and one girl to balance it out) on only an hour’s notice (last minute tickets). Event was fine, but the real reason why I went there was to see what mischief could happen afterward.

Networked with a few local celebrities during the breaks and we got some suggestions for afterparty events. It was assumed that we had already been on some sort of list; we weren’t. So we crashed one (apparently it was a media event and we didn’t have passes…but we looked the part and walked right in). Unfortunately, the girl friend had to leave before we did.

I don’t really get starstruck, nor intimidated by the whole “model status”. I introduced myself to Miss America of 2015, chatting for a bit and took some pics. Met the female judge from the pageant, met the DJ, met some random woman who I’m pretty sure was a high-class prostitute crashing the event as well, and a whole bunch of other people. Also the guy who was with me was a little more shy than I thought so I arranged an intro with Miss _____ (his favorite) and got them an awesome picture together.

…So that’s why I’m having trouble figuring out why it felt difficult to approach some of the other models and/or groups of women there.

Approaching in general was rough: photographers, local and national celebrities, and pretty much everyone in the room is coming at the women all at once. Couldn’t really Isolate anyone because the models seemed to be in “work mode”---taking pictures, meet and greets, etc. Also it didn’t help that the only place to isolate was the outside balcony in a refreshing spring heat of 104 degrees. Looking around, it seemed like all conversations weren’t lasting very long because they would move on to talking to someone else, taking pictures, etc. The ones that did last awhile were with people they seemed to know prior to the event or the media groups.

Given the scenario, I’m asking:
1) What would you have done differently in that situation?

2) Would what I experienced be considered Approach Anxiety, even though I had no issue approaching others, or something else? I feel like it would have been better if there wasn’t so much “work mode” going on, and maybe in a more informal setting but I guess you have to be able to do this anywhere at any time. Any suggestions on what to work on would be appreciated.

3) Do you have any stories or experiences with models/pageants/etc? First time attending one so it was a fun learning experience.