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    Question Little help on approaching at the university

    Hey guys, I just wanna know how you all would do in my position. I'm in the best university of my city studying medicine and when I'm at the hospital there are all these hot girls from the other courses. The deal is the following: I'm used to pick up terms and stuff, have allready read a lot of material and sometimes I can pick up really hot HBs, problem is that it only happens at party or bars. I managed once to make a girl from veterinary to give me a lot of IOIs which was really amazing and reinforced my beliefs on pickup and, above all, on myself. What still bugs me is trying to pick these girls from other courses in the intervalo between classes. We all have aa here and stuff, but considering the value my course gives me and being an average looking guy... Any opinions on how I should approach girls on these ocasions?

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    Default Re: Little help on approaching at the university

    Hi Dugly

    Having Approach Anxiety is a real PIA but all of us have experienced this, the moment we see a HB, so all I can do is tell you what works for me.

    I deliberately put her in the 'friend zone' so straight away that takes the pressure off, as if you don't ask her out then She can't turn you down.

    You could ask her about a course or anything you like to get her chatting and if you can manage to do that with a bit of a flirty smile, you're half way there.

    The Key to it all is to try a build up a Rapport.

    Then once you have managed to do that hit her with this.

    'Hi I need your help!' I'm thinking of going 'Speed Dating' but I don't know what to do or what questions to ask!'

    She will then suggest a few things and then you Say can I have a practice on you!

    She will almost certainly say Yes!

    So you say Ok 'I'm taking you out right now!' and take hold of her hand and lead her over to the Vending Machine for a Coffee.

    Or She might say where are we going and you say to the Vending Machine and then make a joke about taking her to all the best places, then keep building up your Friendship, so when they have an Intern Dance, She will be used to you taking her by the hand, where hopefully you can smootch her right out of the 'Friend Zone'
    The Power in a Relationship always goes to the one who cares the least

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