So I have all these great Pick Up books but never enough time to read them. Instead I spend most my time going out or picking up chicks somewhere instead of sitting at home in front of a book.

In this active state pua videos did teach me a lot. But I helped to self-create my own agenda and my own pick up mentality. Let me step back for a second and glance at one of my latest theories....doing what you want and getting the results you want.

If you ever wondered the answer to these questions....
Should I text back right away?
What should I say?
How should I approach?
Should I approach?
Should I ask her out on a date?
Should I ask for her number?
Is she seeing someone?


I have already answered all of these questions internally not by going all stir crazy with Oneitis or anything like that (well actually yes quite a few times) but let me tell you about my current rotation.

3 Chicks
All 3 came to me

That's right all 3 messaged me first
Asked me out first
Gave me their numbers first

That's just the way I've been winging it today. I took the steam last year of always getting approached by hot chicks at Bars to this year of always being pursued by chicks online this year.

So that makes up my 3 girl rotation. 1 is from Facebook and 2 are from Instagram. I have 2 of their numbers and on 1 I do not.

How did this exactly happen?

Well I've had this thinking lately (aside from getting back to hardcore approaching as I've been approached/pursued for 2 years now) that I should be doing WHAT I WANT. Because this thinking "WHAT DOES SHE WANT?" always crossed my mind. Like what was the right thing to do. But after a lot of the harsh blowouts I began to re-evaluate what I was doing.

So let's take IG chick 1 for example. I said what I wanted and did what I wanted 100%. She gave me her number. She asked me out. She messaged me first. Granted she turned to be a huge flaker I still accomplished results and besides I am over her now anyway.

It was actually on our supposed "make up date" that I ditched her for the Strip Club and met up with chick 3 from IG. And it was productive meeting. The Stripper intiated me later that night and we made plans to meet again.

So this entire rotation set was around the "ditching" the Facebook chick we had 3 dates and she started ditching so I ditched her for talking to IG chick 1 and told her EVERYTHING, my pain, etc. Hence why I was 100%. But when girl 2 started ditching I started to get really mad so I added girl 3 to the equation and got with the Stripper.

Now for all intensive purposes I really only have 1 girl (the stripper) I run a standard rotation of about 3 girls so I can oust them until I find their replacements at the bar this Summer. But I am having fun with this mix. I don't have to spend any money going out I just occasionally visit the strip club and see my girl and then my plan next time is to bar hop to the bar to search for new recruits.

But here is my point

How I got here (to getting with a stripper) was on the precipice of getting ditched but while I was the one being pursued not the pursuer so my value was intensified. So Since I was being pursued I just went out letting other chicks pursue. It is a balanced tight walk and doesn't happen overnight but magically I got my first 3 girl rotation of all them pursuing me.

But what I mean here is I don't no longer worry about who is texting who. Sometimes she ends the convo sometimes I do. Sometimes we go weeks, sometimes months, sometimes hours without talking. But the point is I don't make a big deal out of it.

I no longer sit there blowing up their phones constantly with a dead connection. I know how to get them to respond but I don't overdo it.

I practically do what I want. So for example. I wanted a girl on hold. So I got girl 1 to put me on hold till Summer (which originally was my desire for a girl since girls before her I ask for chicks to hold till Summer). I don't message them but when I do I look like a badass because there they are back at it wanting to see me and do stuff with me.

Granted I need newer better girls that put out more but the point is I have a lot of momentum here that is not meant to be wasted. The thing is momentum is very hard to earn like when you are down 0 girls and going out you are hungry as fvck not knowing where the night is going. But dang when I go out it is not even like that. It is like they are coming to me trying to get with me. I am making it more or a chase for them to get at me. I wish it was more effective but yes they still tend to fall off the map even though they are pursuing me and not knowing if they even like me at times.

But I guess that is not really the point. The point is I am doing what I want. And right now what I want is to meet girls online springboard from those encounters back to new social interactions and take it from there.

For instance I told the stripper what I wanted how I wanted it (speaking in terms of meeting up here not sexual) that I was planning on coming down next weekend after my tattoo and she said she was down with it.

Now I COULD be messaging those other girls but I am putting them on outs BECAUSE I really like where this thing is going with the Stripper and she hasn't ditched me like the other girls so right now her value is greater. But the point is I got here because I was being ditched and I ditched a ditcher while another one was ditching.

So what does that mean? I got here for accepting my pain and realizing the heartache and then boom pushing it again anyway in spite of thinking I loved those 2 girls and turns out the 3rd girl I really liked her too which I didn't think would happen which lead me to conclude.


I don't think it was even them. Now that is a powerful ally I have now. Knowing that I no longer have to like someone but instead just liking the feeling I get from them is a powerful serum to this ongoing problem with my ego I have had.

I will never find someone else
I will not ever like a GIRL LIKE THIS
I won't have as much fun

But then girl 2 100% and it was like we were both 100% and I was like WHOA NOTHING IS BETTER THAN THIS!!!

Then boom girl 3 and I was like wow her voice is amazing her body is rocking and she is hitting me up in the middle of the night. Golden!

So I came to conlcude within myself as far as my ego on the issue of liking someone and getting ditched.....

that I just like the feeling of someone liking me

So I don't have to sit here going does this girl like me, does this girl like me, DO I LIKE HER

That is the question I should be asking!!

And so I have come to realize this game is a lot about realizing stuff within yourself. I mean dang I never been with a stripper but I am pulling it off like I have done it before. And she is making it more than just business but the point is I don't care. I like the feeling I get when I am with her, near her.

More importantly I tell her exactly how I feel. I don't hide my feelings anymore not after being hurt. That's why though it was hard I told them when I was hurting. Now after releasing it I was liberated.

So it's not about going out and getting numbers anymore. It's about selective processing. Who will I allow in? Who do I like? What do I want to say? And I say it. So now I don't struggle what to say. Or how to say it. I just put it out there. Boom done.

And it's like let's see where this momentum takes me next time I am at the bar......

(Be back for the update in a couple of weeks)