All of us have suffered from "aa" at some point.
LOTS of guys can't seem to overcome it...


Guys get too worried & care too much about screwing up. They are SOOOO focused on what they hope might happen & develop "instant / temporary one-itis".

When a guy finally stops giving a shit whether he gets the girl or not, he'll approach like a BOSS. I promise you!
And when a guy starts to approach EVERYONE, he becomes fearless. And when you're fearless, you approach everyone. (Kind of a circular state of inner game).

So, how do achieve that level? Just talk to everyone you meet.
It sounds too easy to be true, but it's definitely true.

Honestly, there ARE ZERO magic lines or phrases to make a girl interested.
It's about "talking" but more about body language & charisma. Fun... energy.... confidence.......
That's all.

The approach is the EASIEST part of pickup, but the biggest stumbling block & biggest fear when you first start out.

Don't let it be that way.