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Thread: The ONLY thing you'll ever need!

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    Default The ONLY thing you'll ever need!

    Hi forums, Alergy Here.

    Has the tittle of this post made you sceptical? Are you waiting to read about some technique, or product that I have to offer and you're currently biting your nails just to prove me wrong? Awesome! We're on the right track!

    Let me share with you some of my personal experience real quick - my first, and one of the best, approaches happened when I had just read something with very useful insight regarding pick-up, it fueled me with good emotions and confidence in my abilities and I did incredibly well on those nights, especially at the very beginning. I began to somewhat rely on acquiring knowledge to make my game better because it gave me a sort of drive, I though that only by doing so will my next night-out be very successful. But the thing is - it was not the tips, tricks, dhv's, dlv's NEG's and all that crap that gave me the magic - the power to attract girls and make others feel good. but rather the fact that I was FEELING good and confident. I read some of the posts "what I should do?", "what tactics should I use?", "how do I open?", "what to say after the opener?" and all that other mind-boggling stuff related to that, and I feel hesitant to write anything, because I'd most likely be seen as lacking credentials if I simply said - just have fun. Yes, that's probably 95% of all that there is to it, I have gone out dressed fine as hell in clubs, pubs, parties with my head packed with information waiting to be put into practice and had less success than were I was dressed probably like a bum, unshaved, yet genuinely relaxed with 0 tactics and worries in my head simply doing my daily errands and was 100 times more charismatic, and people were a lot more receptive to me, and the ioi's were very natural and unbiased by alcohol, which is always flattering. Did I have the best tactics, and one-liners? Haha hell no. But the energy behind those words was very friendly and playful, even in enviroments were people are a lot less social.

    So here it is - the only thing you NEED, and will EVER NEED! A good mood. Have fun, relax, instead of reading some tactics or memorizing some Cocky/funny lines before you go out - crank up the music, dance even if you suck at it, do whatever it takes to put yourself in a good mood! Another thing - pull that leaf off that tree that you always get tempted to do, shut-off your brain and do what you're tempted to do, don't drag boring ol' logic into pick-up!

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