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Thread: Bad boy MOVES

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    ragr Guest

    Default Bad boy MOVES

    I am not much of a bad guy, but i can be sometimes without realizing it. I trying to think of bad guy attitudes and moves, but all i can think of is stuff that will probably put me on trouble.

    Discuss bad guy moves, behavior, and attitudes.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    Default Re: Bad boy MOVES

    Most of the time the badboy image for me is just that A the Peacock theory sometimes if u dress as a badboy that will get u in the door... of coarse u have to have a little tude to go with it! My favorite thing to do to portay the tude has got to be the walk!!! U need to get the "ima stud! I don't care who thinx otherwise!"walk down! The walk looks just like bruce willis' in armaggeddon when their walking to the shuttle no joke!! And another thing that helps portay the tude is simple quarks like when a girl ur talking to has a guy walkup and try and cockblock u say to the man "hey were kinda busy here go take that drink give it to ur sister and tell her to come talk to us!" Just try some things out that makes u look like u know ur the shit and everyone else does to even tho they don't want to admit it... and ur in hope I've helped


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