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Thread: Stripper Magic

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    Default Stripper Magic

    When I first moved to Las Vegas I made a commitment to myself to avoid strippers which, against my better judgment, I would later change my mind on. What had not occurred to me was that when you live in Las Vegas, every attractive girl you meet is either a "dancer" which is the same thing as Stripper, or a stripper, which is the same thing as prostitute. These are girls I would meet at the gym or at the grocery store, get them out on a date, and find out they were a "dancer." From these experiences, I learned a valuable lesson about women in general. That's what this story is about.

    I met "Kitten" (she actually introduced herself with her real name but I am changing it here to protect the not so innocent) while she was moving into my building. She was tall, slender, raven-haired, and 19 years old. I wanted to drink her bath water from the moment I met her. She was this dangerous combination of too adorable and too street smart. She told me she was a "dancer" and I told her I would figure out later if I cared. A few hours after meeting her, we were out on the Las Vegas Strip drinking Jager bombs.

    I paid for the first round of drinks. When it was time to get a second round, I told her it was her turn to buy. She gave me a strange look that was as much seductive as it was confused. I told her I wasn't a client and I slapped her ass as she went to the bar to buy me a drink. It was on this night that I made the most amazing discovery about women in general. After she bought that round, she tried to get me to buy the next two rounds. She did it with the cutest little, "I know you want to have sex with me look" on her face. I looked at her and told her that her stripper magic wasn't going to work on me. She didn't know how to respond to that, other than going to the bar to buy us more drinks. That was the birth of my saying "stripper magic" and the first realization of how much power these words hold.

    I have known her for almost a year now. I am proud to say that I have never had sex with a stripper, and she won't be the first as she turned out to be a bad kisser anyway. She is a friend. I enjoy hanging out with her to hear stories of the wild life she leads and because it's easy to pickup amazing looking women when you are already with one. Every time we go out and it's her turn to buy the drinks, I laugh a little inside knowing that she is buying my drink with the money she got from some horny guy the night before. She is one person in my diverse collection of friends who keeps my life beyond interesting. Every time she falls back into default stripper mode, I smile at her and remind her that her stripper magic doesn't work on me.

    The interesting thing is that all women are born with stripper magic. Whether it's the girl at the bar asking you to buy her a drink or the woman who feels that she deserves half of a guy's money after leaving him. It's just that actual strippers use this magic as their primary source of income. Women think that if they put on some mascara and bat their eyelashes, guys will do anything for them, and in most cases they are correct. That's stripper magic.

    As for me, I'm different and I know how to have fun with it. Whenever any cute girl asks me to do something for them, I smile and tell them that their stripper magic isn't going to work on me. If it's a girl I am dating, I say no to things on occasion as I remind her that her stripper magic doesn't work on me. If it's a girl trying to sell me something, I tell her with a smile that her hooker magic isn't going to work on me. As long as I say it in a playful way, everyone gets a good laugh. In most cases, it's funny because I am calling them out on something they know they are doing. In any case, the women are always derailed with a response like that.

    One thing to keep in mind when you are using this to tease women is that the truth hurts. For me, the sexiest quality in a woman is that she doesn't need me. She hangs out with me because she enjoys being with me, never because she needs me to pay her bills. When you jokingly accuse a self sufficient woman of trying to use stripper magic on you, she will laugh. If you try this on a girl that has nothing going for herself but her looks, expect an emotional flair up. Personally, I don't waste my time on low value people who don't know how to take a joke.

    Just remember that there is a huge difference between telling a girl that she is behaving like a prostitute and saying with a smile on your face that her "stripper magic" isn't going to work on you.

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    Default Re: Stripper Magic

    too risky to try if yu don't know her well..or unless she is actually a Stripper

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