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Thread: Invitations

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Invitations

    I'm making this because a lot of people seem to be posting about this, hopefully this will be pretty helpful to you all.

    When a woman invites us to do something we are pretty damn excited, this is because after all our flirting and Tension building and keno escalation getting that invitation makes it feel like you are going to get some pussy.

    The first thing to understand about accepting these invites is that you don't want to be AFC about it. This means a few things:
    1. Don't instantly say yes (even if you can go for sure! This is incredibly important, jumping to say yes as soon as she invites you makes it seem like you are chasing her (and remember the basics, get her to chase you not the other way around). More so, saying yes too quickly reverses the effect of her asking you to do something with her. This is because when a woman invites you to do something it is really her saying, "Alright, I want you enough I wont wait for you to initiate this, I'll just do it myself." But when you say yes immediately it swaps the roles that you have, you become the chaser (super eager to do something with her), and she becomes the one picking YOU up.
    2. When you get there focus on something other then her. Remember that she is in a huge chasing role right now, making her chase you even more is never a bad thing (well, in this situation). The trick to making her chase you even more when you are hanging out with her is to give her about a tenth of your attention. Depending on the setting this can mean a few different things.
    situation A, at a party/social event with her: In this situation It's very easy to not give a woman your full attention. All you need to do is get yourself interested in other people, this is probably the easiest situation to spread your attention in because you can hang out with a ton of people. When doing this make sure you don't get her angry! The point of not giving her your attention is to make her want you more, and making her angry makes her want you less.
    situation B, any activity that is just you and her: Now in this situation you might think there is no way to give her anything less then your full attention because it is just you and her hanging out. But there are tons of ways you can get your attention spread out. This only works though if you have already shown her your attraction to her, because you want her to feel like she has to impress you. An example of spreading your attention while one on one is if you are shopping at the mall with her, in this situation you would try and focus more on whatever you are looking at, asking her opinions very rarely and ignoring her attempts to impress you. If you do this well enough she will be all over you trying to get you to focus on her.

    If any of this is badly written (I know all if it is pretty awful, but I'm saying ESPECIALLY bad) just tell me and I'll do my best to rewrite it.

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    kassem23 Guest

    Default Re: Invitations

    I thinks it's great stuff. Pretty elementary if one has already read some PUA stuff, but great for all newbies :P


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