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    Default Re: I don't know what to write to the title, just help me.

    Sorry I forgot to mention. Don't you think that it might me a Sh1t Test?

    This is from
    Quote Originally Posted by
    Should I give up on him or keep trying?

    I was seeing this guy for about a month and I really liked him. I told him that I didn't want to see him anymore even though I still really liked him, I was scared of being in a relationship. We stopped talking for about two weeks and when I started talking to him again he was trying to avoid me.
    He finally told me that I had hurt him and over the two week period had lost interest in me and that he had really liked me when he was seeing me. He also said he didn't want to see anyone at the moment. I still like him and want him back. I've tried so many things such as telling him how I really feel and my reasons for telling him I didn't want to see him. I've tried asking to hang out however he always rejects me. We still see each other at school however not as much since we have our own friends and different classes.
    It has been about a month since we stopped seeing each other and the other day I asked him if he had any feelings for me and he said no. He also told me he didn't want to get close to me otherwise he might fall for me again and I'll hurt him again
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    Default Re: I don't know what to write to the title, just help me.

    Has anyone heard of <a href=" ">Stephan Erdman</a>? Just joined this guy's dating newsletter. it's actually pretty cool and he gives away this weird mindtrick technique that actually works. I just tried it and it basically stops your nervousness around women. Kind of useful for most single guys. ;-)'s here <a href=" ">Stephan Erdman</a>

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