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    Default 2 girls 1 chance

    Living in japan. I go to a foreigner bar about once a week where they have many HB waitresses. All of the waitresses are always nice. That's their job. They wear sexy cowgirl outfits and also have pole dancers. + 1/2 price Guinness on tap until 8pm.

    Recently 2 HB waitresses have started taking turns talking to me for long periods of time. More than the normal chit chat you get with the price of a beer.

    Girl #1 = HB8 (the new girl) she recently started working at this bar. Is showing interest. Flirting and she started wearing a ribbon I signed.

    Girl #2 = HB8 (the competitive girl) she's worked there longer, is starting to show interest since new girl started showing interest. Flirting + light Kino.

    They are both young. 23 or so.

    So BOTH of them are now showing interest. Lingering at my table for much longer than required. We have good rapport. Lots of joking and light flirting. I am seeing definite signs of interest.

    Thing is, if I go for one's number it almost definitely blows chances with the other.

    How would you sort this out?

    I am ready to ask for both of their numbers and Isolate but obviously can't do that while they are both in the same room. Also it's most likely they will talk.


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    Default Re: 2 girls 1 chance

    When you are flirting with one of them, just sneak in a line like "hey btw what's your number" you are done with 1.

    When you are talking to the other sneak in something similar again. And continue to flirt casually when in the same room.

    Once gone, begin your texting game with both. Consider they are not talking and continue. Then separately ask them for a meet /date (make it look like a casual meeting). Then from there on take it further.
    2 points to remember
    1) stay cocky and slip in everything while making it look and sound like a casual meeting but then keep adding kinds and keep flirting
    2) don't show it to them that you are h choosing one over the other. They should feel that you are being interested in them for them and there is no relation of her to the other lady in your mind.

    When you emit vibes like it is something bw you and her and don't mention it explicitly while just being cocky.. You can have them both.
    But yes my friend, there will come a time when they will discuss about you but before that time comes, you will have to decide on whom do you want to get with.

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