I really don't even know anymore.

Am I Qualifying her?
Am I Shit Testing her?
Am I Just being a dick?

Im at the club last night and I'm interested in one of the girls in a 3 set, so approach them and introduce myself, engage the whole group, joking around just enough that her friends feel comfortable to let me Isolate the one I'm interested. But one of the girls sort of steps back, leans back and stares at me like I'm trying not to be detected trying to pick up her mate and she's caught on which is stupid because I had already mentioned to girl in front of her friends that "I think she is gorgeous" like who starts an investigation after crimes already been solved? Dumb bitch.

Anyway I said something to me is just being me. To others an arsehole, could be a shit test or qualifier depending on how you look at it.

I say "Sweetie, why don't you liven up and smile for once in your fucking life instead of standing there staring at me judging while I'm talking to your friend. Is this your first time clubbing? Go buy yourself a drink or something."

We held a confrontational stare for a split second until she turned to the other friend.

Now the girl I was talking too playfully hit me on the arm and said "that was bad" with a little smile

Now just because you need to know how this ended, I took her to get a drink, talked more, danced, drank some more and had to introduce her to my room mate the next morning. But the real question is....... was a pua who picked up this girl or was I just a arsehole using pua techniques to rationalise turning the situation around so she had no sense of humour, judgemental, uptight,lack clubbing experience outcast who is in the wrong.

Like if you insult my mate like that I'll back up my mate, so the only thing that makes sense is that this chick has probably scared off a lot of guys that have tried picking her up in the past and the only reason she found me attractive is probably because I'm the first guy who had enough confidence to say what I said and make the judgemental friend back off. I basically Daddy her.