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Thread: Military Ball

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    Onyx Guest

    Default Military Ball

    At this Ball there will be alot of women along with other males. The ration might have a slightly higher male percentage. If i have a target and I'm talkingto her how do I prevant other guys from cock blocking me?

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    Default Re: Military Ball

    AMOG. Be the alpha and they cant come over top of you.

    Also Isolate. When you first get there find a place you can isolate a girl to and work her wihtout any distraction. When you have that place you can get her away from the mess of the ball and work solid game. Then work to bounce to a new location.

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    Swixx Guest

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    i go to these things all the time. this is how it works. look like the fun guy. most of these girls or dates are just friends because well us military guys make sucky boyfriends half the time. the other half they are married. so find the single ones, have fun, dance with a bunch of them to build social repor. keep in mind though to stay classy. "excuse me ma'am mind if i step in" best canned line a these because the females want to feel like Cinderella but still party.

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