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    Default Talked with girl, invited her to join team to see inonman, but no team. What do I do

    So I talked with this girl. She is into movies and the like. She actually dropped hints that she wanted to go see something last week but I didn't bite.

    I told her that I was getting a team together to see Iron Man but the problem is. My "cooler" friends and the ladies they bring are doing other things and I don't want to surround her with my other more needy friends.

    How do I tell her I couldn't get a team together? I did not play this one very well at all even suggesting a movie, I think.

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    Default Re: Talked with girl, invited her to join team to see inonman, but no team. What do

    I wouldn’t. If you like her and want to see her go for it. Movies are not good ways to run game, or to get to know someone. They are dark, quite places that are great for naps but that’s about it. You need to get her outside of that environment to work properly. If it’s a must, make sure that you have plans set for before or after. Cause if not she is gonna go watch that movie then flake.

    As for your “team” do you feel that you have to have them there for social proof or something? Don’t worry about them let them do their thing you do yours. If you insist on telling her I would just be straight, tell her your friends flaked, but that you still game. Don’t giver her a chance to say so. So say something like “my buddies flaked so they aren’t coming, meet you there at 7” take charge of it, and own the night. Be alpha

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