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    Default opener success! (any other openers i can use?)

    hey guys! i would like to share my first attempt at sarging.

    i have a friend who was with about 7 more girls sitting in a table during one of our parties. i came up to them and used the "tattoo opener." they all were excited about sharing their ideas and we all got to know each other. i tagged my friend along so that we would get to know them better. it was such a fun experience. from that opener, we were all able to have great conversations. i didn't intend on going "further" but i just wanted to meet new people and build confidence. woooo! first sarge... success

    my question though is, what are other openers that you guys have used to a single girl or to a group of girls that really opened them and had a great conversation? your replies would really mean a lot to me since i'm relatively new here.


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    Default Re: opener success! (any other openers i can use?)

    if your working a one set a direct opener works well. Something like, you know your really cute, but beauty is comman so i had to come see what else you had to offer.

    If i am opening a larger set use an indirest opener. YOu know the opnion openers, dhv, false Take Away then lock yourself in.

    At this point ing your experience you need to focus on the first steps. The opening and locking in. When you open work for simly that locking into the set. ONce you can do that on a regular basis then you will be solid to move onto he next step.

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