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Thread: The Close

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    Default The Close

    This routine was taken by another the routine forum but playing this game needs the other person to be relaxed..found it online:

    Thats a good one, but one I have had MAJOR success with is this:

    After being with her for a while, say you have to go in a minute (for whatever reason, this is just a time constraint) but want to do something with her first. offer your palms, if she puts hers in yours all is good, otherwise just say "give me your hands" she will. If she doesn't just walk away. She will call you back.

    When her hands are in yours lower/ raise them- if they go with you this is an ioi. Then say "well I have to go in a minute, but I want to show you something."

    Clasp your hands together, fingers interlocked, but both index fingers pointing out. say that the taller one is you (dominance) and the shorter one is her, and at the minute you are both together.

    Then take her index fingers and pul them apart slightly, whilst saying quitely "but even when we are seperated, on a deeper level, we will always be together." make circular motions with your right index finger around her fingers. When they touch, say "we are inseperable."

    Depending on her reaction, a kiss close may be on the cards.


    This is after walking around for a bit.

    Another question, what if she is leaving the country for 3 months she might not like to get into a relationship because she won't be here for a bit. If she brings this up how should I tackle this?

    My current thought is to kind of force her into making a decision now. I mean that tell her that if not now then I'll go look for someone else.

    She has given me tonnes of IOI's and I've even gotten her to financial invest in me.

    After this routine, I'll either kiss her or say "Be mine!".

    But I expect quite a bit of resistance in terms of her being away for 3 months and of maintaining it...
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