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Thread: AMOG messup

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    Raza Guest

    Default AMOG messup

    ok so heres the situation. Theres a guy at my skool goes by the name of chan and he got me bad today.
    Ive got the P90X set on my comp and he gave me his usb and TOLD me to add it. Problem is he didnt ask, he acted like im his employee or somthing like that. I realise that it was stupid to not just stop it there but i was feeling really down at the time and ended up kinda buzzing through it and letting him AMOG me.
    Point: Ive got his USB and theres few situation where i can come off looking good from this one

    Dont give it to him: look like a petty jackoff
    Give it to him: Look like a tool
    "forget": Look unrelyable
    Face off: look like a jackoff again

    Dono mates, got any good advice or should i just take the heat from this one and not let it happen again?

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    Default Re: AMOG messup

    New option fill it with gay porn.

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    Default Re: AMOG messup

    I personnally would have straight up told him to go fark himself unless he was a good buddy of mine...
    i have a few ideas if your interested...

    Try and get something in return first.

    Straight up tell him you didnt like the way he asked you, how he basically ordered you to do hes not getting the p90x...then hand him his usb back... ( im not your bitch)

    Or maybe say that you now think that p90x is for bitches and you dont use it anymore. and he would be one for using it...

    I duno just a few ideas, maybe not the best ones out there but...thats my two cents.
    enter a mold without being caged in it.

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: AMOG messup

    Tell him your computer broke hand him back his USB and never speak of it again.

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: AMOG messup

    Wow!!... Three things I noticed instantly, first.. power play and AMOG isn't just for sex games and herding fillys.. every aspect of life should be an opportunity to up your game and confidence and 'value' male or female.. having a strong circle of respect leads to stronger leverage and confidence.

    secondly, I really liek the "yeah, this is the BS you wanted but, it kinda sucks and is all for suckers now." but then change subject or dont bother going into it because if he brings it back up and is like "but I realy like it, its got ratings, yada yada" it sounds like he's a weak ass cry baby/ defending a lost cause...

    third, I like the "oh my comps down and I wont have the scrilla to get the fix for a couple weeks, blah blah" so maybe you should combine them, and lace it with some jealousy, to build suspense, act excited to see him liek you wanna please him and light your face up and be like "hey bud I got your USB for ya" then he'll be totally stoked, and even if he doesnt show appriciating because he thinks you're a tool/bitch just as you slap it back in his palm be like "Yeah I couldn't get that on there for ya because my hardwares on the rag, but, I've been playing it nonestop for liek a month (or however long you've had it) and I can tell you it's really rather lame compaired to _____ (whatever, I dont know no techie shiz..) ____, yeah, most real gamers/ man-boys/ pimpster amogs have been wetting their stinkfingers with ______ which has ________ reviews and the backing of ________ (girls, tech-celebs, peers of his..) ......" and then just drop it or be off to do soemthing real important like girls."I gtg ________(hot chick, or even fake girls name) is waiting. Might also help to throw in a cheap shot like "yeah I've been running around with __________&_________ __ (hot chicks name, or a couple of 'em, make them up if you have to) and really dont have time to play that 1st gen crap anymore.. I'll sell it to you cheap for like $_____ when I'm back online. Caio"

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    Default Re: AMOG messup

    This issue is definitely way past the date of expiration, but I love forums and spilling thoughts for folks who might stumble upon a case like this in the future. There's nothing wrong with making up your mind to NOT fulfill his request. But the best policy should always be to say the least amount possible. You are obviously not comfortable "giving in," for various reasons, and that's fine. In cases like this, hand the thing back to him WITHOUT the requested material.

    "Here's your USB stick. I didn't copy the info onto it. Maybe later."
    If he presses you or asks why not, remain positive and frame your position.

    "You seem like a guy who could be friends with me, but it didn't feel right at this point. No hard feelings, bro. Okay?"
    If he's pissy and presses further, just tell him he has to earn your respect. But basically if you're at this point, you've gotten all the info you need to know about about the kind of person he is. AND, you've kept your frame while he lost his.

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