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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default The Female Wing*man*

    So, been reading a lot and posting a little. Wanna make a suggestion I've found real useful. but first...

    Maaaaaybe.. this site could use an index of PUA terms, a dictionary for the abbreviations found in almost every post. Some are real eazy to figure out, atleast the meanings, but not all of us have seen the same threads/ workshop videos/ masters at work? I knwo it would atleast help me some? hate to be critical because this is a KILLER site.. maybe just thread in most popular or soemthing with most the definitions of acronyms? anyways, thanks for the great site.. on to the ladies...

    Often, I've used girls I haven't known for references. when I meet friends of friends(girls), I always ask them if they know any single, self-employed or inherently rich (heirs), bilingual women who own their own houses. No, careful not to say "hot sexy bitxes with big tizs".. cuz that marks you as shallow and maaaaaybe a player.

    They usually respond with something about your high expectation, your narrowmindedness, and how small your field of women is. "That ok, I'm just willing to hold out for *Ms. Right* yada yada"

    This buys you hella points and respect with the girl you're talking to.
    "bilingual? why" -her
    "oh well I want my kids to be multi cultural and well educated and sensitive to other people perspective and bilingual people are more worldly/intelligent, successful, adaptable, etc.." more points. They immidiately see you a sensitive and want to help. so if its a casual/passing meeting they may or maynot (most likely not) be on the look out for candidates for you. This is a good opener and repeat when you see them. "did you find me an educated well to do spanish girl yet?" .."I'll settle for french or italian.." also, the girl is starting to like you, and you should plant seeds early with every 'acceptable' girl you cross paths with..

    Next, at the bar this works awesome, and you can often talk a girl, or group of girls into scouting and sarging chicks for you, or atleast doing some legwork all the while building you up in their minds.. You can disqualify them, LIGHTLY, or just pass over the subject and treat them a little like a bro and tell them they're you're 'wingman' and you're sure Ms right is nearby, if she would only help you scout. Drag her around a little and she'll be approaching girls, breaking the ice and making introductions. If its a group, some of them will be becoming attracted while some of them will naturally be going into "match-maker" mode for you and their GF's..

    As you meet other random chicks you can either bring them into the fray and have them on the search or work them a little and disqualify them as missing one or more of the requirements... even if they have them I always heap the expectations on to build suspense... nice car, good education, good family, from the right part of the country, proper politics, etc... the more you disqualify a girl who likes you, if done lightly and steeped in attention from the entire group or hens, the more she'll try to impress. Too large of group probably not too great, but I usually have no problem getting one or two chicks into looking for me a girl.

    Lots of ways to go with this. You don't have to find Ms. Right, your wing(wo)man may open the door to a hotter chick, or might end up being 'plan B' and be all the happier that towards the end of the night you're just having so much fun and paying attention to her that she's finally 'changed you' or somehow met your high standards. The most inportant thing when introducing or setting up the chick-wingman you dont know is making her think from the go you're not interested in her and that 'ms. right' is out there and she should help poor you. You can get hella hot chiks to go along with this because they're so unsuspecting, all the while subliminally working on them, Kino/ buddy/closeness kinda techniques (buying 'buddy-drinks') and working the whole room. The one important thing is to NOT sell yourself like you're all that and a bag of chips who deserves the moon and the stars.. just that you know what you want and are driven to find 'ms right' (a phrase that pulls at their heartstrings!) and ALSO not appear SHALLOW OR CONIVING in anyway.. not as easy, but by enlisting them in a sad/sorry for me jokingly manner (don't overdo sorry for me.. but a little helps) you can have a herd of hotties shopping hotter hotties all the while herding hotties. The woman wingman is not to be overlooked!!
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    Default Re: The Female Wing*man*

    Heck no a wing woman souldnt be over looked. In fact a good wing woman is one of the strongest tools a PUA can have in his bag of tricks. However what your talking about sounds more like a Pivot. A wing woman is going to be more involved in the game, she is gonna know what your doing and have the same goal as you.

    Walking in with a woman into a bar or wherever you are immediately builds higher S&R value and is a DVH in it self. If your target sees this before you open her, you even better off. So if you open a set and after a few minutes your wing comes over and sits in you lap she then will then create a triangle affect and cause your target to get jealous. This is great cause then she will start to work for you! This should always be the goal to have her working for you, not the other way around, just takes some work to get her there.

    A wing woman is truly that, a wing. Knows the game and knows the process. A pivot is someone you open and then use to meet, or create jealousy with your true target.

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: The Female Wing*man*

    yes yes, that must be what I meant about a definition/ acronym list

    I did realize after I posted that that I didn't touch on the possibuility of a TRUE FM wing(because it wasn't really the jist of the article.. I guess it shoulda been called "impromptu-pivots"), which as you pointed out has great value, on the same page, etc, And was also raising the point that the Pivot, while trying to help you out, has no idea she is weaving your web for you, and also slowly becoming entangled... not to sound too sinister about having a couple drinks and meeting new people.. Thanks for the new vocab for me tcom.

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