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    Salaami Guest

    Default Direct Approach *DAY GAME*

    Going to do a full day of nothing but approaches, going to try at least a few direct openers (which is something I have never tried before). If I could get some tips on how to make this better that would be awesome.

    Before I begin I need my question #1 answered, how do I use Direct Game on a specific target in a group of girls without getting locked out or looking foolish.

    Opener for a single girl:
    Me: Excuse me but I had to talk with you because your one of the cutest girls I have seen and I would be mad at myself all day if I didn't say anything to you.

    Her: Oh um...

    Me: My names John *extend hand*

    Her: My names Silvia.

    At this point I'm having some trouble on transitions.

    First possible transition is my favorite, also this is all going on at an amusement park.

    Me: So what brings you here?
    (Obviously the answer is to have fun...)

    At this point the conversation is going one of two ways.

    Her: I'm from out of town...

    Me: Really? Well I'm going to have to show you some of the best rides!

    Her: Oh okay...

    Transition into walking her around keeping the same vibe of friendliness and confidence.

    Her: Oh I'm just here with a friend who is... (somewhere else).

    Me: Whats your favorite ride here?

    Her: Hmmm probably the boomerang.

    Me: Really? I think that's one of the worst rides here! I'm glad we aren't dating or anything because we are completely incompatible.

    Her: No! It's really fun!

    Me: Yea whatever you say, maybe its just more fun when you are on it, so how about we meet there in 15 minutes and you can try and convince me that it's not terrible.

    Obviously not every girl is going to show up where I tell her to, but who cares... I have a full day to get this right.

    I'm going to be with my wing, sadly he is inexperienced but I was thinking of doing a thing where I approach 2 girls choose a target and then he moves in as if he just got back from the bathroom and continue with the set. Plus it gives me a great opportunity to introduce them and botch their names.

    Feedback WANTED.

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    Default Re: Direct Approach *DAY GAME*

    You have to be careful when doing direct not to display to much intrest to quickly. So you have to find that balance. Maybe try something like: Your really sexy, I had to come over and find out if there was anything more to you than your looks.

    You could always run into the beauty is comman line. Saying what really matters us blah blah blah...

    It disqualifys her beauty and sets you up as someone who is use to being aroud beautful women. And then run with it from there. Also remeber if the conversation thread goes dry cut it. And move on to another. Keep her into it, And stay alpha!

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    Default Re: Direct Approach *DAY GAME*

    tcomea is right. showing to much interest would be a little bad for you. But his line was good, it compliments her but diswualifies that compliment and makes her try to live up to your standards. And if she is from out of town i use this one sometimes where im just like "omg really?? why colorado though. i mean we have the best mountains but its summer time. You just wanted to be bored. I dont think its going to work with us because i cant talk to someone who came to colorado in the summer". But when you do this is more like a tease and a neg that they couldnt choose a better place. But if they are from colorado just from like the springs of fort collins you could neg them about that. and when you decide to try and invite them to go on a ride you should have some games or dhv stories to tell while in line and try to get ur wing to help build it up to seem like its fun. make him just be like "yeah you guys should totally be there in like 15, it will be a lot of fun. if your not there we are totally not friends anymore" make sure he says this sarcastically and with a smile like he trying to be playful. but yeah other than that good job. you know the lines are going to be long so play the cube, you and ur wing go after them. cause usually when i play the cube game, they want to do it to us and see what were like. Mirror their cubes, when you mirror them but not exactly, you build rapport like you guys are very similar down to the core. then you can do DHV stories, the ring routine( which is totally just for negging them and false disqualfying them but doing it sarcastically
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