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    Default Game- Deficient : BIG PROBLEM

    Alright guys, I need a lot of work. I seem to be on top of everything in my life except picking up girls. I can somewhat initiate a conversation, but after that, I don't know where to take it. Its practically impossible for me to drag myself to talk to new girls. Seems that all the women I meet are through mutual friends. I'm not socially awkward, have plenty of friends, and I'm actually really chill around girls I know or really have no interest in hooking up with. But if I have even the slightest attraction to a girl, I always seem to mess it up somehow. I need some help building some sort of foundation to work with because right now, i'm pretty much game deficient.

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    Default Re: Game- Deficient : BIG PROBLEM

    lol well thats usually the best part. when you have decided you needed help. i have friends that wont except my help. and i get girls while they try at one like an AFC and fuck up. You probably have the problem lots of guys have, you have a good conversation and she wants a guy like you but you built no rapport, no sexual tension, and she has no sexual interest in you. So maybe a good start is having an outline of what some of the more experienced pua do.

    Personally, i like making them laugh cause it opens them up, lowers their Bitch Shield and every girl loves a guy to make them laugh.

    So usually i will open with something that either is A) just funny and makes them laugh or B) i can work with it sarcastically to make them laugh. So first off you need to know there are three kinds of openers direct, indirect and opinionated. those can be broken down even further into situational and blah blah blah. but that the basic three and they explain themselves. you just need to work on practicing them. Personally i do opinionated more cause it gets them talking and getting comfortable while i dont have to worry about me showing to much interest. just them talking i can naturally mesh myself into the convo and them start my pua thing.
    After the opener you need to know how to transition. There lots of things you can do but the best thing is just talk to her. Transition into whatever you want to talk. I could tell you stuff but i have found that guys usually go blank when its time to transition. so just talk to her and naturally push the convo more and more. Lets say she says " yeah i just had a day off from work and decided to come shopping but got hungry and stopped her. Perfect place to get to know her and neg her. "what do you do" she will usually answer with her everyday stuff and you neg her. " ok i cant talk to/ date (whichever your more comfortable with) who is all work and no fun. i meant what do you do for fun" then that naturally sets you up to qualify her, build rapport by relating with her, dhv stories, building some sexual tension, and lots of other stuff. Its hard for me to tell you cause i do whatever i feel is good at the moment. so if she says she likes rock climbing i have a story about how me and a couple friends went rock climbing and ended up after a couple of climbs we would do cliff diving and ended up somehow having alcohol involved and did it naked which is a very bad decision by the way.
    Basically what im saying is just talk to her but mold in pua stuff with it to get her attracted.
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    PoolBoy Guest

    Default Re: Game- Deficient : BIG PROBLEM

    Alright crobinson, got a scenario i need some advice on:

    I've known this one girl for a while. Superfine, HB solid 8. She went to high school with me and works at the same place that I do. She even lives close to me and we've gone jogging round the neighborhood before. She is always looking at me when I pass her at work, and most of the time I just kinda raise an eyebrow at her or not even really acknowledge her. I tease her at work, do a little negging, but nothing real serious. I've recently come back home from college and started my job back and she acts just like she used to, except she doesn't have a bf now. I was sitting round with some friends the other night and texted her asking what she was doing. She responded that she was downtown and pleaded for me to come down and meet her and one of her friends. I told her that I would come but to meet me in a particular bar where one of my buds worked. She wanted me to come to the bar that she was at. I ended up going to my own bar of choice and she came in later with 3 older guys that I know (real douches) and her friend. She saw me and instantly ran up to me and started hangin all over me. I started to tease her bout some of the guys that she was with and had a few drinks. Came real close to kissing her but farked it up. her friend said that she was leaving to chase some guy and wanted me to come to the bar that they were going to. i agreed and we followed bout ten minutes behind her. got to the bar and she was dancing with some of the douches that I had mentioned earlier (She was plastered by this time). Most likely I was acting too needy and probably a little jealous, obvious mistakes now that I've been reading up on the Forums. She danced with me and told me that she didn't want to go home with those guys and made me promise not to let her go. Well, three to one, out numbered and out aged, one ended up taking her home. I tried to get her to come, she wasn't listening to me. She texted me the next morning and acted like she was mad that I let her go home with them. I tried to play it off, acting like it was no big deal and that I really didn't care where she ended up. Since then, I've tried to show her less attention and quit texting her unless she texts me first, which she has done. Still negging her some and trying to put myself above her. She's still looking at me the same way at work. What do think? I know theres a lot of details but I didn't want to miss anything. Advice?

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