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    zestog3 Guest

    Default reconnecting with old 'girlfriend', experience please

    Hey guys...

    i wanted to write this right away as I believe the timing is urgent for me..... Well, I had a brief but long history with this one girl.... to make a long story short, we did some things, but I wasn't all that into her and this had to do partially because I had some depression and family issues going on at that time.. anyways, we ended up just kinda losing contact after high school.... there wasn't like a fight or break up or anything like that.. just kinda ended. I've always wondered what happend to her, and today I randomly saw her driving in a new car that she didn't have last time I saw her... I'm not 100% it was her driving the car it may have been a sis or mom but the license plate was the same... but I know if she was in the car she recognized my car 100% (stickers and all). Anyways, ended up having her number in an old phone and I really wanna shoot her a text starting out like yeah I think I saw you driving yesterday... now she probably doesn't have my number as it has been a couple years.
    Now, I am currently back from school, and trying to rebuild connections with my girl Friends of the past.... I'm not sure I want to try to be friends with her sexually, but at least see if she has some cool things to do around her or other girl friends she can introduce me to. ... now do you guys have experience with this? You may ask why I care, but I really want to see what she has been up to these past 3 years.. and also, as I said, I need to rebuild some girl friends (non sexual ways) in my home area. Well, as I said the text i would send would be about seeing her car.... the only thing I can't really think of is should I say how I have her number... i don't think she will ask, but it must cross her mind? any ideas and thoughts would be much appreciated... I know this is my first post but I am trying to get back into the game right now... much appreciated guys

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    Default Re: reconnecting with old 'girlfriend', experience please

    lol wow dude totally got me thinking of things to do from the no need to freak want her as a friend. just be fun, talk to her, see whats been up but do it differently so she wants to talk and your interesting so when it comes to being introduced to friends she will be excited your coming over. same thing with Social Status. when she likes you a lot you have a great first impression on her friends. but yeah that will work or even something like " hey stranger, long time no talk. lol what kind of mischief have you been up to since ___ " makes it fun and she will more than likely respond..haha but yeah dont freak out just be fun and different. girls arent too selective about friends. just guys they date, girls love having cool guy friends. she will use you sometimes for the same thing. she will use you for your hot friends. haha
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    zestog3 Guest

    Default Re: reconnecting with old 'girlfriend', experience please

    Hey thats true.... i just figured me 'finding' her number would be like lowering my social value.. perhaps it does and is unavoidable, but I think she may just not care, nor maybe shouldn't

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