I'm talking to this HB right now and she always no matter what takes about 45 mins to an hour to respond to a txt message. We've already hooked up once no f close (i didn't try) but everything else. I'm thinking she might be shy (possibly low self esteem) and I haven't really been complimenting her at all. The texts have been things like...opener. ME you know what? your a very bad girl, your that girl my dear mom always warned me about. I'm running far away and our Elvis themed wedding is totally canceled. HB Haha no! Don't ruin elvis! HB You know what? I'm pissed i am the girl your mama warned you about. and get it right i wanted scooby doo. Asshole! ME goodnight snowflake, I had fun talking to ya! HB lol goodnight funny bunny. That wasn't all the texts but I don't want to write a novel here. My questions is since she never texts first and takes soooo long to respond do I need to build more attraction or make her more comfortable or what? I just don't wanna get friend slotted or creep her out by being around too much. I'm texting her every other day at most right now.