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    Smile Wat is a good way to approach women in my situation?

    Hi guys, I'm Eric from Houston TX. After going through most the PUA's materials I realize that they basically taught how to approach and talk to women that have not attract to them yet, or even don't know them yet.

    My situation is different little bit, during my high school years and last year as a freshman in college there are couple of girls, women that are attracting to me. Few of them we did talked but some how get into the "friend zone". Most of them we haven't even talk once. And some of them are just said "Hi", "Good morning", some basic social talk.

    Some of those girls I do like them too but I haven't approach and talk to them yet because 1. I'm shy. I have confidence problems. Beta males, AFC. and 2. Don't know what to do, what to talk about in this situation etc.

    The things is I can't really use the PUA stuff on them, because the situations are different. I can't approach them and pretend like I never know them before and use some indirect things, tell a story, or pretend to ask some questions, that just doesn't fit, and it seem sillly in this particular situation. The reason is we already know that we're are attracting to each other. She know why you come already, not just some random chick at the bar.

    So help me please. Did ya experience this also? What are ya opinions on this issue. Peace.

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    Default Re: Wat is a good way to approach women in my situation?

    lol well actually you have said you talk little if at all to these girls so the PUA is perfect. maybe not even indirect but do an opinionated opener to get them talking, transition and then bam your in. its not hard, your best bet would be do opinionated to get them talking, transition, then probably dhv story, tease her, then just talk and go for the Number Close while her attraction is high and then leave.
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