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    Default I need advice about one girl

    I added this girl on FB, she was hot so we started communication where I managed to create some attraction. 10 days later I went to her dancing show (she is dancing), that was the first time she saw me in person. We were suposed to meet the next week but I had an foot injury so in next 2 weeks our communication went from "she like me" to "she is in love to me". Every day she was sending me text messages about how she can't wait to see me, to be with me. I was suprised to be honest.

    We went out in Satruday, she gave me a hug but seemed a bit depressed, she said (though I don't know to believe it or not) that she met her ex earlier that day and that made her mad. Anyway, our date was low energy, I managed to kiss close, for a moment she was hugging me,next she was avoiding me, later, we kissed goodbye (and had a strong hug) and that was it. I knew that it wasn't it.

    I came home, she text me on facebook to see how I'm doing. But our conversation was a bit colder then usual.
    Next day, Sunday, she text me on facebook again in the evening. Again she was the first to text me, but she made no reply to my reply.
    Monday morning, I sent her a message, saying that "there is something about her that makes me smile" she answered in the evening saying that she has no credit on her cell phone so she couldn't reply sooner and she guesses that is good that it me smile, she seemed happy.
    Tuesday morning, I replied to that message "if it's fine that you are happy when you think of me, then I don't see why it wouldn't be fine in my case "

    That was the las from me and her. As you see communication is way softer than it was before, and my guess is that she is slowly trying to flake on me. What do you people say, and what would you do in my place? For now I'm giving her a gift of missing me, I hope it will work.

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    Default Re: I need advice about one girl

    What I usually do when I go out with a girl who has just run into her ex is literally tell her "well he sounds (lamesauce,ghetto vibe kill, whatever) and I'm a pretty awesome dude so cheer up cutie!" to make her laugh.. and when she does that say something along the lines of"well there's that smile! Don't lose that face over anyone but me hun"and give her a big hug and kiss u gotta make her think of u on ur guys' date not him! If she does or seems to be dwelling on him change the subject! Don't help or ull be the nice guy but change it from him to u guys asap

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