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Thread: LJBF or not

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    nighthunter Guest

    Default LJBF or not

    look boys I have an issue.
    I gamed a girl everything went well, I had huge attraction, but it fell down and it ended LJBF.(well she said she is seeing someone else for 2 weeks). She told me how great and amazing I am and the woman who will be with me can be happy, she even called me "alpha male" but... LJBF.

    I replied I have a lot of friiends. She didnt directly said she has a BF. Then I maybe dida mistake and told her, I care about her and Im wiling to fight for her (It seemed to be the best solution).

    What happened, we ended dancing "love songs", she literally hooked on me, but stilll didnt want Makeout, just kiss close.

    days after, I still got lots of IOIs from her, she KC me, asks "did I miss you?" .....
    She doesnt takl about her "new BF" so I dont think it is serious.

    Isnt she decided yet ? Do I have a chance ? What shoul I do?

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    Default Re: LJBF or not

    maybe she is genuinely into the other guy... it happens (and it certainly is not a reflection on you).

    keep her on your radar, but go after MANY other girls (which you should be doing anyways).

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    Crisagom Guest

    Default Re: LJBF or not

    And for sure, don't dare to ask about her "new BF", shows lack of confidence and you probably know it, just somehow blocked it in your head. You're supposed be thinking "I'm going to smash the opponent!", since at least she came clean to you saying that she may be seeing another person.

    IMO, you should keep "gaming" with her as if the other dude dont even exist, since you said that she is worth the struggle. Unless she is a double faced professional bitch (and I pray that she is not), girls usually dont emotionaly bound with 2 guys at same time.

    Since I have to adapt The Game for Brazillian woman standards, its not rare down here girls date more than one guy at same time, as Bill says you should be going after other girls as well.

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    nighthunter Guest

    Default Re: LJBF or not

    ok, so the whole stuff happened 2 weeks ago. we ended dancing as I wrote, since that I got some IOIs from her and KC-s (not mouth to mouth).

    What I was doing, was freezout and a bit of Push Pull, I want try a bit more , KC.

    I dont care about her "new BF" and I see (or I think) she seems regret that she LJBF-d me.

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    nighthunter Guest

    Default Re: LJBF or not

    well the whole thing ended up, she ended at her long term friend (AFC) but i think it was a decision from "brain" (his father is a professor and her mentor) not from "heart"

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: LJBF or not

    it sounds like a good quality problem to have. i agree with Bill. keep her on the side. we should be gaming other women as well

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    nighthunter Guest

    Default End of story

    She ended up with her long term AFC friend. In fact I didnt talk with her from the end of June, I was just told that she has a boyfriend.

    Should I tell her anything if I se her ? (in next days)

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: End of story

    Quote Originally Posted by nighthunter View Post
    She ended up with her long term AFC friend. In fact I didnt talk with her from the end of June, I was just told that she has a boyfriend.

    Should I tell her anything if I se her ? (in next days)
    just keep moving forward your way. if she wants to catch up with you let her but she should be made to work for that misdemeanor against you bro. i wouldnt just let her waltz back in... you could be gaming other babes too so she really has to take a number and weight her turn


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