For those who like to and has already incorporated Daygame into their reality, here's some things I came up when the sun is out. This mentality definitely helped me keep my guard up every time I leave the house and get the results.

1. APPEARANCE: peacocking isn't necessary. Wherever you are going, always ask yourself does your wardrobe make you feel good enough to extract phone numbers? This will jump start your Mojo.

2. PLAYGROUND: Approach it like this and every woman you see is a guest in your reality.

3. DOWNPLAY: Downplay the interaction so casual and normal that opening and closing a woman is no big deal. You don't have to come up with anything weird, creative or high energy to get their attention. Simple, Casual and Direct is the way to go. Remember, woman appreciate Boldness.

4. NIGHT ARRIVAL: Once it gets dark, the less receptive woman are and you will end up with default venues of pursuing woman where your Wallet is required.

5. UNIQUE: This is YOUR skill set, Daygame Territory. You're not like most guys who meet woman through:
A) Introductions in the same regional circles
B) Internet
C) Hunting at night and SPEND money wherever the woman are....when they are SHEILDS.
Whats yours?