What happened: I was dating a girl who came from a problematic relationship, she didnt want to engage in a new one, because of some sort of lovesick, so we decided to stop dating but we still are friends and sometimes hook up together with no strings attached (At least not from my part anymore).

Here is the deal: Her friends! While we were dating, she introduced me to her friends and DAMN!!!!! There is this chick, friend of hers that I'm planning to sarge on.

Background: In the same day that I met this girl friend of her, after the club I just gave (the new girl) a ride back at her home. During the trip I used some c/f routines but I have not really went down the sarge.

The history so far: It appears that I have scored good points with her group of friends, but I lack in skills or confidence or something else to starting a new game with this girl, since I know that girly girls have those kind of problems to date someone who already dated a close friend.

Any kind of enlightment could you guys pass to me?

I do go out to kiss close other chicks in meanwhile but I have not ever readed something co-related to a fact like this one happening now.