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    fireinthebowl Guest

    Default help a newbie get lebanese girl

    So basically before school got out a month ago I met a girl(HB 8-9) at this party had a nice conversation, i made her laugh and we seemed to have good chemistry but I forgot to ask for her number. So the next day i send a friend request on fb which she accepts but it was the end of school and i didnt think id be able to do anything with it and i was focused on exams. Anyway a couple days ago I see shes online facebook and i start to chat with her doing some negging (she was a celtics fan) she said that she didnt see this side of me at the party and by the end of the conversation i told her i forgot to get her number at the party and she gave it to me. However she lives a couple states away and I wouldnt see her until school starts in like 2 1/2 months. So my question is how can i keep/ or get atraction going throughout the summer. like should i maintain texting/conv online for the whole time or would that build to much of a friendship in which case start texting her like a month b4 school starts. btw this girl is lebanese and has an aura about her and Ive fucked shit up with so many people in the past i dont want to do it agian.

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    Default Re: help a newbie get lebanese girl

    ok well two and a half months is too long to try and keep it going over text the whole time and too long to freeze her out. what you need to do is freeze her out about a week at a time. talk to her once a week on the phone and only a couple text during the week. when you talk to her on the phone keep it a decent length of time but also build lots of sexual Tension, plays games, roleplay, and then one thing to do is future projection but not too far out. maybe say hey, i might be coming over to ___ something that is a state away from her, if as goes according to plan my last day there is free what will you be up to. and bam you can guage her attraction to you and then if she wants to meet up just go see her for a day or two.
    so freeze her out have fun and try to see if she wants to meet up before school starts. that will be the time to kiss close and push it towards a fuck close.
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    Loup Guest

    Default Re: help a newbie get lebanese girl

    Arab girls have a bit diferent views than western. I curently have a problem with a Palestinian girl, I met her over fb and managed to create attraction, we met and so on.
    Problem no. 1, how to seduce her?
    I was learning arabic for a month before I saw her pic and added her. She was suprised about my knowledge about Palestine, their situation with zionists. Arabs really do not like Israel (but I haven't met one that hates jews). So that helped too.
    Then I gave her some cf, nothing sexual, then some storytelling. After two weeks she was calling me "habibi" which means "my dear" "my love". We met and so on.

    The real problem is/was, most girls there are under pressure from their families to get married for an Arab. Many Palestinians and Lebanese are christians so you might be lucky, my girl's daddy is a muslim, and I am not an Arab or muslim.
    Think about it. I met some Lebanese girls too, they are all acting the same way and are veeery beatiful.
    Be careful about sexual Tension, they usually avoid that kind of conversation. My advice is, unless you want to marry her, let her go, you'll fall in love and lose her anyway.

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