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    SomeBoodee Guest

    Default First solo pick up since forever!

    So maight as well start with a field report since i joined here.

    I`m on my way to join some friends after work for a beer.
    I`m in the metro and this girl walks and sits 1 chair in front of me. Shes a decent 7-7.5 i maight say, nice legs, something good for a lay, maight as well go for it.

    She was talking on her cellphone so I was searching for an opener in the mean while pretending not to notice her.

    She closes her phone when the metro leaves and picks up a book. Caching, scored a point for me. Maight as well not go for that , cause its too easy and i`m not in the mood for intelectual approach (dead tired after work). I look at her hand and see a bracelet : "Quick, whats good for that"

    So I interupt her and say:
    "I know you`re in the middle of finishing that book that probally captivated all your attention, but i just noticed that interesting bracelet you got, its my nieces sweet sixteen so I was thinking that would be a good gift, where did you get it."

    we continued talking about bracelet, i joked out cheap it was so it wasent in my options, until we both got out at the same stop, told her it was nice meeting her and went ahead with my walking in my direction. Then i noticed i did nothing but talk to her, maight as well # close. So I turend around :

    "So I was thinking, maight joining me to shop for my nieces bday?"
    " Well give me your e-mail, how about we start with that, then well see"
    "Hey I got a black berry, give me your email instead... wait do you have facebook, whats your name?"
    "I don`t have facebook"
    "Ohh rebelous type heh? I dont want to follow everybody else so i`m not gonna join... diffrent +1 for you"
    "Heres a better idea, give me your number, i`ll text you my email"
    "*gives number with a smile*
    "Hey you`re not giving me a false one heh? my mom always told me to watch out that girls are complete liars! *playfully*"
    "AM NOT A LIAR, chek it!"
    *verified number*
    Then while we walked we talked about what she was gonna do tonight, why etcc while keeping a playfull interesting tone.

    She gave all the body language indicators that she was interested . Until I got to my friends car and told good bye, my friend cock-blocked in a way


    hahahaha way to go asshole, but it was my first time doing a pick up solo, kind of proud. Plan to initiate more often. It aint that hard with out the support of friends after all.

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    Default Re: First solo pick up since forever!

    yeah pretty easy but i think you need to teach your friends how not to be cock blocks and how to be solid wingmen...haha that would be a better thing for you
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    Default Re: First solo pick up since forever!

    lol yeah good point crob thats funny.

    Not bad, next time dont give her an option about going with you. Be like where did you get that? Hey cool never heard of that place before come show me (body rock like your going to go). You dont have to be a jerk about it or force your hand just say it right with enough energy and smile and most of the time she will bite. This will cause her to invest time and trust in you which gives you a better shot at a real close later. BTW you do have to build a bit more comfort before you can properly do this though.

    Keep in mind that sometimes you have to be willing to loss her inorder to win her.

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