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    alphs Guest

    Default Need advice - MSN/Texting

    Hey guys,

    Just looking for some advice with the situation here. I'm 21, been single for about a year, and have never been good with women all my life. A week ago I rediscovered my confidence and realized that "hey, I have balls". So I've started chatting and flirting with girls wherever I can to try to turn things around.

    Just this past weekend I met a couple pretty cute girls separately at a party. I asked one girl out through facebook the next day, and we had a pretty good date yesterday. I'm probably gonna ask her out again this weekend.

    I'm more unsure with the other girl, who I spent a lot of time hanging out with at that party. I got her number at the end of the night, texted her 2 days after, and she gave me her MSN. I added her on MSN 2 days ago but haven't caught her online. How long do I wait before texting her again, and what should I say? I don't want to seem needy, but if I wait too long before saying anything she might think that I'm uninterested. I haven't texted her since 2 days ago, as I figure she gave her MSN because she prefers communicating that way.

    She's from out of town which makes things harder on my end. I also have very little experience with the MSN/texting game, which is why I'm blanking out here.
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    Default Re: Need advice - MSN/Texting

    Man... EVERYONE seems to be seeking texting advice.

    But I guess as they say 'everyone is doing it'.

    Check out this free preview of my buddy race's product:

    b4 u txt her Preview


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    Default Re: Need advice - MSN/Texting

    well it depends. since you havent seen her online its probably better to text her and then just be different and send a re-engaging text that she will more than likely respond to. one i did the other day was "hey stalker face. I just got done at the movies with some friends and i found out which hollywood actor you remind me of " its good cause i use a nickname that reminds her of a talk we had, i show im out with friends just having a good time but she came across my mind, and then i made a statement without the answer so if she wants to know she has to text back. all in all this makes up for a good text and most of all its fun and different and breaks her out of her usual "how do i answer the hey whats up text"
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