Well I got the number and a date for tonight but, blaaaaaaah missed a couple keys that could've reeally set me up.

Shopping walmart and I have a basket full of healthy food (fruits and veggies), I walking down the main isle, is pretty busy and look up and eye contact a very cute 10, she immidiately smiles big, toothy, almost a sex-smile and I smile back, genuinely smitten and whooooooosh.. was already passed her.

Honestly, this happened in 1 second, Our carts were even before we made eye contact and then she was passed. I shoulda rammed her cart! (I've done this..) So immidiately my mind is racing. If I'd have stopped and opened with ANYTHING it would have been on.. but there's no rushing back to tap on her shoulder.. so I did what every saavy walmart PUA does.. I circled around...

So I come down another main isle a ways down and see her up ahead and she's coming out of another isle and I stop and let people by, notice she sees me again but I dont look at her, and then push my cart right towards her again and she gives a huge warm smile... I stop and say "I just have to comment on your beautiful smile (she blushes).. you're really pretty." Little looking down shyness and looks back up and says thanks. So then I comment on her cart, placemats, a microwave and some floor rugs.. "Did you get a new apartment?" she laughs, yeah. "Thats exciting, lala, Fluff"
she's obvious interested and lets go of her cart and turns towards me, which I didn't do yet but did a littler after then, I was turned towards her but still holding my cart like I was leaving.. The I say "are you new here" "yeah I jsut moved here." Asked about job and family and friends and bf... none in state, and has been here a week. I tell her I'd really like to take her to dinner and chat some more but not sure if bumping into her cart at walmart qualifies me for that.. she says she's like to and I get her number so I can call her in couple hrs and arrange where.. after some talk about her food likes, more fluff, and I bounce...

In hindsight I could have asked her if she was heading anywhere NOW and would liek to go grab a bite or a coffee.... I prefere meeting for coffees better than meals because more talking time, less formal, less expensive (thats not a major concern but.. better to screen them over coffee..) And the NOW would've really firmed up intent and not bounced after getting the #.. even though there was some small talk after that about what she likes to eat and if she'd been anywhere local yet. I was dressed a little scrubby which was hurting my confidence because she is FINE and I have a ragged dirty hoody from the BBQ/fireworks/bonefire and I camped at my brothers house and slept in my clothes!!

It certainly isnt over and tonight will tell how I did. I plan to dress and smell nice (yes, I have to plan that:-P ) keep the frivilous chat minimal and try and make her qualify herself and tell as much as possible. One of the single biggest things I've learned, even though its hard for me is to SHUT UP, talk as little as possible without seeming retarded or boring, and mostly jsut let them spill their guts and lead the convo and tell you stories and ask you question while you fill mental notebooks with things you've learned about them for good use later!!

I just wanted to share that, I usually dont share pickups but, wanted to point out some of my 'not impressed with myself" issues..'