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    hereforfun Guest

    Default turning friends into more

    Hey guys im from australia and just joined so any help would be great!

    My best mate's girlfriend's best friend and I have been getting pretty close as of late. we initially started going to music festivals and parties etc as a group, and she has invited me over to her house to sleep with my mate and his gf but im not really sure if she likes me, or its just friends shes thinking.

    at parties we sometimes dislodge ourselves from the group, and have private conversations but also flirt quite a bit, i often see her looking at me, but ive been in this situation before and it doesnt really feel the same as it did on other occasions which did turn out to be more.

    anyone know how i can find out what shes thinking/get even closer to her without coming across as a sleaze? shes a very attractive person and shes used to having guys chasing her all the time, so im sure she likes the comfort of our friendship and i dont know if its worth making sh1t awkward just to see what her feelings are....


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    J-Rex Guest

    Default Re: turning friends into more

    Well, one evaluate whether she's a friend or a target. If she's a friend she can still be useful as a winggirl type or as a network to other women.

    If she's a target, then step one is to remove yourself from the friend zone as soon as possible. Do you Kino with her? Could there be a breathless wrestling/tickle fight situation, where you can kiss her? Possibly invite her over for wine and a movie, but don't make it sound like a date. Maybe a glass of wine is all she(and you) need to loosten up just a bit. Note; I never recommend getting yourself or the girl drunk. One is sexual suicide, and the other is dishonorable.

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    hereforfun Guest

    Default Re: turning friends into more

    sorry im not really familiar with the term of 'Kino' i think its some lingo used in america lol :P

    being 19 and all, i dont really think that coming over for wine and a movie isnt that age appropriate, although a fantastic idea for someone of an older age bracket, something a bit more casual would be great.

    also i dont really want to get too private with her yet, i want to focus more on spending time alone with her then getting her into the sack right away. i tend to not have too much problem with the physical side of things with girls, but this is a case of wanting them for them, and not for what i can do to them. (not saying this is what you are implying, but it sounded a bit like you were more focused on me kissing her instead of taking things to the next level in regards to a relationship)

    any additional opinions would be great

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    J-Rex Guest

    Default Re: turning friends into more

    Kino just means physical touch, doesn't even have to be sexual.

    I understand that you're not just looking to bang and move on, but you have to establish yourself as a sexual entity in her mind, otherwise you become 'just a friend.' That's hard territory to move out of. You don't have to fark her right away, but do something to let her know that you like her in a romantic way, and she should feel the same for you.

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    hereforfun Guest

    Default Re: turning friends into more

    yea we sometimes Kino. its winter here at the moment and we were in the city watching the soccer one time and she started hugging me to keep warm i guess and coz a photo was being taken. and there was a time when i fell asleep at a party and she came and woke me up and stuff. i sent out a random text message at work yeterday:

    me: hey guys im really bored at work at the moment so sending out ranmessages to random people. hows your day so far? (it actually was to alot of people)

    and then she messaged back interested in what i was doing, and it seemed to go on for the space of a couple of hours, messaging every 15 minutes or so, but i still think that its just friends, i dunno though !!

    at the end of the message spree i asked what she was doing on the weekend. not really to go on a date or anything but just in hope of seeing her with our mutual friends or something. she replied 'im not too sure yet, wbu?' and that was the last i heard of her. so yea im not sure whatsup

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: turning friends into more

    Quote Originally Posted by hereforfun View Post
    i dont really think that coming over for wine and a movie isnt that age appropriate,
    So.. you do? j/k

    So, friend, you came here for advice, now listen! You want a relationship? you're fast falling into friend-zone!! and that will be hard to break because SHE wants a relationship, and thinks its great that you twos best friedns are dating, thats a perfect setup. As far as kissing, THAT IS THE NEXT STEP. you're 19 man, you can't go on holiding hands (or not) and talking about your hopes/dreams/futures forever!! you're leavign the crowd, enjoy each others company, and sghe's making efforts to hang out with you, man up, or within a month, if not sooner, you'll be in friend without hope zone! If your mate and her's breakup you'll have NO chance because thats war-zone lines.. you gotta seal this. even jsut a kiss and holdings hands. no pressure, no heavy petting and farking (if you don't want.. you sound a little on the fence about thigns to me..), just some kissing while you're doing all the bf thigns anyways!! She wants it, you want it, you know she wants it, she doesn't know you want it, she's curious whether you know she knows she wants it, but she she wants you to know she wants it without her having to come out and be the man and kiss you already!. The next level when your 19 and already hanging out all the times with things you enjoy and friends that are dating is not professing you like for her but not wanting to excalate because of..(???????). You're going to lose her man. I can tell, if this intense of a situation has been going on more than 2 weeks she's already looking around FOR A GUY THAT LIKES GIRLS. sorry to be personal, but man up, a kiss is NOT crossing the line with a girl. ...I mean all this in the most encouraging way, and do wish you luck...

    You're absolved of your prior bumbling and jerking around, but from now on you'll sin not. I sentence you to 4 hrs of reading on the "hottest threads" (not most recent, most replied/viewed) and preferably you'll do all that in one or two sittings. Also you must orally consumate this relationship before you part ways with her the next time. It can be on the mouth since you're so shy! vio con Dios nino.

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