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Thread: Sexual innuendo

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    HeftyChem Guest

    Default Sexual innuendo

    Hello there,
    I have been seeing alot lately the way to talk with girls and get them sexually aroused, and it says that most of the time you have to use sexual innuendo talk when you have a conversation. Can any of you put some examples of that? How do you know when you overdue it? Here is what i think an example of it is:

    Woman laying with two balls(like tennis balls)
    Man says "You are good with those balls"

    What is your example?

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: Sexual innuendo

    The best sexual innuendo is to say something that can be construed that way, but not blatantly, and not acknowledge it or bust a smile or laugh, then when she's brings up any response to the sexual comment, shoot her a started or surprised look like.. what kinda chick is this? or blame her for mind i nthe gutter. "Yeah, I think women think about sex more than men."
    I had a really good example of this but can't think of it now.. the girl was totally blamed for thinking dirty.. even though I set her up.

    Some cruder comments that touch the subject but don't really put you on the spot:

    A chick really working soemthing over or beating on it or making a ruckus "leave your frustrations i nthe bedroom" (telling her she's sexually frustrated or needs sexed more..)

    comenting their clothes/ hair or makeup by saying they're trying to call attention to those features. "If you didn't where those pants I wouldn't be looking (when blatantly staring), but then, surely that wasn't your plan."

    Staring at her cleavage without trying to hide it, then say (especially if they call you on it) "Don't blame me, you dressed you." (among girl friends, or playful-potentials.. this aint a good cold pickup...unless you're a pua guru.)

    "Gee, why would a nice girl like you be calling attention to her mouth?" ( Lipstick, liprings/ tongue rings,)

    "Your car sure has a big backseat."

    "I'm sure it's an unplanned coincidence the lettering's across your ass" (those coed/workout, everything else pants)

    etc etc. The less you know them, the more subtle or denying about what you meant you should be.. as it wamrs up, you can play more, but in general, until it's pretty locked-up I wouldn't blatantly be talking sex... even 18 y/o's know what both of you are thinking during banter.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Sexual innuendo

    i got called bad on this the other by a chick i had been getting close to... she told me to stop talking that way as it may be funny but was getting repetative.

    i told her to cop it cos i dont do it just for her... but it got to me. i can play GM style fairly well when i have just broken into a set. i like to think if she dont talk dirty in aint interested and i do find it hard to trust a girl who isnt giving any hint of what she has...

    i dont like being called on a bit of healthy smut talk though. especially if i aint getting anywhere with her and i am trying to push something out a bit which i guess i did. that is we saved a few more weeks before realising that i wasnt excited by her

    some of your ideas in this can be used for next time. cheers

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