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Thread: Club Game

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    MasterofDisaster14 Guest

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    First time posting here, just had a quick question, I'm in university and was just wondering the best way to approach club game? I go to clubs alot and just wanted to know the best way to get girls at clubs. Do you wonder the dance floor solo? With a friend? Do you ask only girls who are alone to dance or can you go up to a group and ask just one of them to dance? Should you buy girls drinks? Is it good to hang out by the bar? I usually find that if a girl is not alone and is with either another girl or a group and you go up and ask her to dance she usually won't be cause she doesn't wanna leave her friend alone. That's why it's sometimes good to bring a wingman so at least there's two of you but what if you don't have a wingman whose at your level? Anyways, for those who have perfected the club game, what's the trick?

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    Watch this video on stealth seduction... this method works great in clubs.

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    Default Re: Club Game

    Ive seen this before and have applied it after i saw it. It works great!

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    Spartan301 Guest

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    What's really worked for me during club game is having a pre-emtive 'attack plan' so to speak before going in.

    I'd start the night around 10-10:30, when the club music isn't as big and popping. I'd walk in, making sure to project a fun vibe, and set up myself right in the middle of all the action. That way, the women I want to talk to can see me as a fun guy and not some creep at the corner of the bar.

    I normally make friends very quickly and easily at the club. In essense, I open as many sets with fun vibes as I can, expanding my sphere of fun energy outward. I'm having fun, my crew is having fun, and the new groups and sets are having fun.

    I'd let this process grow and grow until around 11:30 to midnight. Thats when, if the DJ is skilled enough, he puts on a song that 'pops'. Meaning, it's a hit song that everyone knows the words and loves to dance to. Recently, I did this battle plan, making friends and allies, until Usher's "OMG" came on the speakers. Right then and there I knew the girls wanted to dance, and I easily brought out my crew and my allies to that dance floor.

    Yes, I said dance floor. It's a huge stigma within the community to avoid the dance floor, because you can't run your routines. However, I love the dance floor for not only locking in the girl I actually like, but using the music and dancing as a bit of sexual escalation. I don't stay on that floor forever, though, as when I reached a high point in our dancing, I suggest we go sit down, and then Isolation and escalation continues. I'm sure you guys know how to take it from there.

    Key things is to keep in mnd the time and the task. Ally build when the night is young, and take advantage of the 'pop' in the night to have a great time. Pick one, and you're off to the races.

    It's worked for me in the past, but let me know how this goes for you.

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