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    Default Re: Newbie game... transitioning

    i definately agree about indirect being easier, but its a lot of fun for me to just go up to a girl and tell her i think shes cute. I absolutely love when a girl smiles (if she has a nice smile anyway) because its an awome feeling to know that i was the one who made there day. I still use indirect also, but it is more of situational stuff. For example if im in the mall and i see a girl in a store, i might ask if she thinks a particular pair of sunglasses makes me look a little too gay or something like that.

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    Default Re: Newbie game... transitioning

    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy347 View Post
    I take this to mean your also fairly new to PUA (and thus talking to women in general). Fundamental question: Why are you going direct rather than indirect? I believe it's MUCH easier to go indirect consistently until you have the confidence to go direct. Indirect you can do with little/no confidence but direct takes a lot. After a while you get over aa and can experiment with Direct (expect a series of failures when you start). I'm new to PUA so I may not be qualified to say this.
    If you are having self confidence issues to where you cant open a set directly you donít need to be sarging. There was a movement fro a long time with guys like mystery, gambler, savoy and tons of others that said you can have competence instead of confidence and gave you tons of routines to use. Well the movement is shifting to where people are working more of their confidence so that your game is for real.

    I ran MM for a long time so im not going to knock it, but I do think that people have to be willing to move on from it. Reasoning being is that it gives a false impression of what you really are. If you donít have any confidence and you portray that you do when you get into a relationship with that chick your going to end up getting run over, and she will loss attraction because the reality is setting in.

    That stuff works no doubt, just dont take it as gospil and develope your own style.

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