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    Default Oh Snap. I ran into a Girl from 4th grade. Got her number and she married...


    I ran into a girl from 4th grade. We also went to the same HS for a year or two but weren't in the same social circle. She's married.

    I'm not particularity funny, but when we were talking she was all giddy and laughing. I do have a very loud, powerful commanding voice which I was using effectively. I qualified her.

    Eventually she's making bedroom eyes at me. She is or was (if she has reformed) a party girl. She mentioned her husband, but I ignored it. She bought him stale food from the shop . I sold it to her and told her it was stale.

    I say we never have the opportunity to talk, and slap down a piece of paper and a pen. She says "do you have Facebook" and I say I do but I'm never on (it's true). She writes down her number.

    Should I call her and see if I can get her out to a coffee shop or something, and bring a yearbook?

    I can relay stories of past girlfriends and high school experiences, etc.

    Must....Appproch.... MORE!. I had my first date in years 3 days ago.
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