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Thread: Gym game...

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    lightweight101 Guest

    Thumbs up Gym game...

    Hey Guys,

    I am new to the board and found lots of great information from all you guys!! This is my first post so here we go...

    Been interested in some hot ass blonde chick at the gym for a few months now. She smiles and looks over at me all the time. We have said hello, and have exchanged names, but thats as far as its really gotten. I really haven't approached her with any openers, just because I go there to workout, and dont want to be this creepy dude hitting on chicks at the gym. I go everyday, so a lot of people already know me, and come up and talk with me, which is a good social proof I suppose. So Today, she showed up with this ugly looking dude that doesnt even know how to dress which was the boyfriend, because they kissed on the way out! UGH!!

    She never shows up with him, but he has come with her about 3 or 4 times now.
    Is this a lost cause? Or there are ways of overcoming the "boyfriend" in this position.

    Thanks guys!

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    amino2 Guest

    Default Re: Gym game...

    First thing: so you would rather be the creepy guy that has been checking her out for months rather than the potentially great guy who started a fascinating conversation with her? lol

    No I don't think its a lost cause but you do have much more work cut out for you ( assuming her bf is new since he all of a sudden started goin with her regularly) Start some convo with her Be friendly, Be interesting and make her want to be wit you more than her bf! But don't start showing romanic interest until she shows it first, other wise ur the creepy guy who knows I have a bf and still is trying to get into my pants!

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    lightweight101 Guest

    Default Re: Gym game...

    Hey Amino2,

    Thanks for the reply! I will definitely not even be the Mindset of trying to approach her with romantic intentions off the bat. I have learned that is never a great way to approach or open anyone! I will be as friendly and playful as possible! Will give an update! Appreciate it!

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